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kai conversations with…..robin dienhard of angel montecito, kai’s first-ever retail partner

we couldn’t be more thrilled to share this week’s kai conversations with robin dienhard of angel montecito , kai’s longest standing retail partner who first began carrying kai 23 years ago!   angel is a luxury women's clothing & accessory boutique that is a part of the wendy foster & pierre lafond family of companies.   they have been an amazing retail partner to kai all of these years, and we are wholeheartedly grateful for their support. our ceo & founder, gaye, recalls a beautiful memory from this very special moment when angel first decided to partner with kai and carry the signature perfume oil:  “when i still had my store in malibu, i was developing kai - the perfume oil was our first product. in the summer of 2000, i went to a trade show in new york and met the buyer for angel , who was so sweet. i loved this boutique in montecito and thought it would be perfect for kai. i asked her to give the perfume oil a shot. i was so excited to get my first order i drove

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