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kai conversations with style influencer and editor, tanya thorrington monaghan

we are delighted to bring you this week's kai conversation with style influencer and deputy editor of southbay magazine, tanya thorrington monaghan. tanya’s love for kai started back in 2006 following the birth of her son, also named kai. a friend gave tanya the signature perfume oil because of the serendipitous name and the fragrance instantly reminded her of cherished childhood memories of holidays spent in hawaii (much like my own) — she felt it was a scent “tailor-made” for her.  drawn to the beach, tanya spent her early 20’s in south africa where she found two loves: a partner and a fulfilling career path. after a near death experience at the end of her time in south africa, tanya’s perspective on life dramatically shifted for the better. today, tanya leads a life of mindfulness, cherishing every day she is given.  tanya lives near the birthplace of kai fragrance in manhattan beach with her husband and three children. she is the acting deputy editor at southbay magazine where

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