kai conversations with holistic life/business coach, podcast host and entrepreneur, jessica burgio

as we celebrate international women’s month, we are delighted to bring you this week’s kai conversation with holistic life/business coach, podcast host, and entrepreneur, jessica burgio. a self-proclaimed 'hype girl,' jessica's dedication to empowering others aligns perfectly with the spirit of this month. she is not only a wife and mother, but also an advocate for helping individuals, especially women, cultivate the confidence to pursue their dreams. when jessica isn’t speaking or mentoring, she also produces and hosts unscripted, a podcast that dares listeners to rewrite their life and break away from the expected path.

jessica’s love for kai began years ago when she came across the signature fragrance at a boutique in beautiful lake tahoe. she has been a devotee ever since, incorporating the signature body glow, lotion, and buffer into her daily self-care routine.

jessica beautifully embodies kai’s 'breath*life*flow' philosophy and resonates with it deeply. gracefully balancing many responsibilities, jessica relies deeply on breathwork and movement to keep her in flow. i hope you are inspired by her example to uplift and empower each other as we strive to turn our dreams into reality.



how did you first discover kai? 

my first experience with kai fragrance was at a boutique in the mountains of tahoe on a snowboarding trip with some friends and family! i remember trying the lotion and instantly connecting with the scent! i also loved the packaging and the simplicity of the name. little did i know how deep my connection with the name would go.

what are your top 3 favorite kai products?

my top three favorite must-haves from kai are the body glow, the body lotion, and the body buffer!

how do you embody kai’s “breath*life*flow” lifestyle? 

i think the embodiment of kai’s breath/life/flow mantra, resonates with me deeply! i’ve found a deep connection with breathwork and movement. and i aspire to always feel in flow with my life. these beautiful products allow me to feel more connected and cared for each and every time i use them.

describe your perfect day

it’s funny because a perfect day for me, begins and ends with self-care! and being able to incorporate these luxurious products in both my morning and evening rituals has become something that i deeply look forward to! but a perfect day would be one of deep connection to self and a presence around, whatever it is, i’m working on! time with my family, focused energy on my podcast, and some movement, and time in the sunshine!

what book are you reading currently?

at this present time, my favorite books to read right now are all around business! influential founders in particular…how they created, grew and sustained. i love hearing stories of not quitting on your dreams! and ways things have worked out when you’ve originally felt like they were a failure.

current favorite reads are business is personal by bethenny frankel 

come as you are – the art of unbecoming who they told you to be by jessica burgio (me!) 

atomic habits by james clear 

two weeks notice by amy porterfield 

what is your guilty pleasure?

my guilty pleasure is coffee! i crave it, i dream about it, and i find any reason to have it! sunday morning beach walks with an almond milk latte is literally #goals.

what is your obsession?

i have quite the obsession with in-person women’s networking events! i find a deep sense of community with women who are willing to show up in these spaces! 

who is your role model?

my role model has and will always be my mother! she is a true example of grit and grace, resourcefulness, resiliency, and determination, to show up and live her best life! she cares deeply about the people around her, and even deeper about her family! she has been a true role model in every way!

are you a morning person or night owl?

i am truly a morning person! again coffee lol, my sacred morning #metime has become a nonnegotiable! i teach this to my one-to-one clients because i think it’s a vital and important place to focus on when curating your perfect day! 


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