indian summer.

although malibu is known for it's laid back beach vibe, i have a little known secret i'd like to share... malibu is quickly becoming a haven for great vineyards. i took advantage of last weekend's warm, sunny days of early fall at one of my favorites.


malibu wines is a beautiful vineyard tucked away in the mountains of malibu.
the semler cabernet reserve is the perfect wine for fall. paired with an array of fresh cheeses, meats & fruit. amazing!
the tasting room at malibu wines is such a treat. a beautiful outside picnic setting where you can bring food, buy wine, and relax on the grass to live music.



  1. this looks like such a beautiful place! thank you for sharing!

  2. love this place!

  3. what gorgeous photos--they really capture what looks like an amazing day. i'd love to be drinking that bottle of red with some delicious cheese right now!


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