crossfit craze.

have you heard? crossfit is all the buzz and it's well deserved.

when i'm in malibu we go to yoga, when i'm in the desert it's all about crossfit. the combination of the two, at least for me, has me feeling a "cross" between really sore and exhilarated. i started a few months ago followed by my husband and now even our 7 year old is going to crossfit kids. we all love it. it's a workout and a half as you never know what or how much you'll be doing. our trainer and owner, t.j. of crossfit palm springs believes "routine is the enemy" so workouts are changed daily. classes are short and crazy intense. the environment is supportive and fun while completely, utterly kicking your ass!

give it a shot, they are springing up all over the place.


p.s. lets face it, it's almost summer and you know what that means...

crossfit palm springs



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