we recently had a big blow out at the new nobu in malibu for bridget's going away party. we really wanted to give her a big send off and we did it in true kai style! i had been to the old one here and a couple of others, but the new malibu nobu came highly recommended by ty. she and friends had just gone a few weeks earlier and loved everything about it!

tyler's dinner went something like this...

a few weeks ago i had two friends in town and what better place for the three of us girls to spend an evening in malibu than at the new Nobu! i literally drive past it every day and hadn't been. it was the perfect excuse to go!

a glass of wine on the deck, surf crashing below, a peaceful 6pm breeze, gorgeous sunset, laughs & chatter with old friends and an off-the-charts dinner (complete with desserts to share) -- it's hard to top a night like that! my tips? make sure you soak in a little sun on the deck, ask for brandon as your server (tell him baby sent you) and don't miss the artichoke salad, yellowtail or mini tacos.

i'm craving it now...


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