father's day.

i'm fortunate to say i believe from the bottom of my heart that i had the best dad in the world!  we had an extraordinary relationship and spoke many times a day, every day.  he was there for me through all the ups and downs, laughter and tears, and i miss him more than words can say.  he was one tough business man but with me he was just a big teddy bear.  he taught me everything i know about business and supported my dream to develop kai more than anyone.  i was truly  "daddy's little girl".  so for all you "daddy's little girls" who, like me, are lucky enough to have that spectacular father/daughter love and support, tell your dad you love him every chance you get.  it can never be said too many times or often enough!

after my dad's passing i finally found the prince he'd always dreamt of for me.  i just wish he were here to see how happy i am but i know he's watching and smiling with approval for the man i married. i am beyond blessed to have an amazing husband that reminds me of my dad in so many ways. it touches me to say my husband is the best dad in the world to the kids and i love watching him with them.  this father's day i send my dad kisses in heaven.  for my very loving and hard working husband a fabulous brunch, a day to do as he pleases while the kids and i wait on him hand and foot, and a trip to the british virgin islands that night.  last but not least, far away amore to my incredibly sweet father in law in italy.

happy father's day to all those dads whose kids think they are the "best dad in the world"!

the dads in my life from back in the day!

p.s. people often tell me "you are just like your father!" they say this whether they are pleased or angered with something i've done. the inflection is very different but my answer remains the same "thank you!" it's the biggest compliment i could ever receive.


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