striking gold

i must say i'm very, very lucky

we first interviewed chloe in march 2012 for an interning position. she was in her third year at pepperdine, meaning very smart, and full of mid west values and work ethic. on top of that she is poised, sweet and beautiful, think a taller slimmer brunette grace kelly. after interviewing her for the intern position we had to look no further. chloe has shown true affinity for our brand and as an intern brought, very unexpectedly, tons to the table. when bridget left us to follow her dream we felt as though we were in a bit of a sticky wicket. luckily that only lasted for a moment as we realized what we were looking for was right under our nose! chloe had some big shoes to fill but she has stepped up to the plate and does nothing but hit home runs. i think she is what dreams are made of. so yes, i'm very lucky indeed!

it is my pleasure to introduce you to the newest member of our kai team (drumroll) kirchner!

i’m always told, although i don’t always listen, that given time things always work out. i can hear my parents saying now, “have patience.” having studied international business for four years, i had big plans to move to san francisco after graduating from pepperdine university and find myself a corporate job. it turns out there were other plans in store for me. two weeks before graduation i was granted a wish that i had buried away – gaye offered me a position at kai, the company i loved well before ever interning for it. kai was the first and only perfume I have ever bought for myself and it is still the only fragrance i wear. what makes this brand even more special is the people behind it. i work for and with intelligent, unwaveringly kind and beautiful women. i told everyone that i couldn’t have asked for a better internship.  now, i tell everyone that i couldn’t have asked for a better career. with time and patience it really has all worked out – now, how lucky am i?



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