to market, to market...

one of my favorite ways to spend a sunday morning is strolling through my local farmers market. i have my go-to stands and familiar faces to see, but also love to discover new finds that seem to pop up each week. we are so fortunate to have several markets in our area and this past weekend we sent our darling chloe to the brentwood farmers market, knowing sunday evening she'd whip up something fantastic to share with her bounty!
what to know about the brentwood market:
  • open sundays from 9am to 2:30pm
  • located one block west of bundy, between san vincente and montana ave.
  • it is a "certified market" meaning all produce is california grown
  • easy and free street parking
  • best to go early, but if you go in the early afternoon the vendors start dropping prices
  • don't forget your reusable bags (i keep my oversize worn & beloved straw tote from a trip to mexico in the car just for the occassion) 


this week's market list:   

√ apples                       
√ pluots
√ dino kale
√ arugula
√ cucumber
√ lemons
√ pistachios
√ himalayan soup
√ filet mignon
√ white orchid

the brentwood farmers market is my favorite market in los angeles. i like to go in the morning and take my time visiting with my usual vendors. the soup man is one of my favorites as he sells the best vegetarian and vegan soups making for a perfectly easy weeknight meal. our next stop is an all grass-fed beef vendor who is very knowledgable and helpful when it comes to picking out our sunday night steak. we then stock up on the freshest vegetables and fruits to get us through the week. each week we try to sample a few new things (this week it is pluots - a delish peach like fruit). before we leave the market i stop by the orchid tent to admire (and most likely buy) the white orchids. by the time we are done its nearly lunch time and it just so happens that my favorite brunch spot is only a few blocks away! we are home in time to marinate the beef we bought from the market, pairing it with a kale salad for a delicious sunday night dinner.


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