a walk in the park

the older i get the more i realize it only takes a minute to make someone's day. that it's really the little things that mean a lot. i often walk my three dogs in the nearby park. a few months back while on our walk i noticed an elderly woman being pushed in her wheelchair. she was motioning to someone with a come-hither finger. i did the usual look around to see who she was directing this to. with no one else nearby i ventured over to her keeping my wild things on a short leash so as to not have them mug her. i said hello and introduced myself along with luna, bella and blue. she told me her name was mrs. atkins and that she loves dogs and was hoping we could sit together for a bit while she pet them. i put our little man, blue, on the pillow in her lap and watched as she played with him and cooed to the others. the dogs were over the moon, mrs. atkins was smiling ear to ear, and i was simply happy to watch. it wasn't more than 10 minutes but the joy i got out of her joy put a smile on my face for the rest of the day. i now make it a point to take the dogs on their walk during mrs. atkins daily scheduled outing. she brightens up and begins her frantic waving as soon as she sees us. she is 93 years old, always in a cheery mood and never without her red lips painted. in short, she is inspirational! i think she's lived quite a storied life and i'm planning on having her over for dinner to hear all about those long-lived years. the wisdom behind her beautiful blue eyes begs to be heard.


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