walking streets - spring street, new york city, ny.

our new intern lauren is a native new yorker. she recently braved the cold and headed home for a quick visit. i had asked her to write the walking street blog and was pleasantly surprised that she picked my favorite street!

lauren will fill you in on her very cold new york minute.

my weekend trip home definitely called for a stop at our favorite walking street in new york - spring street. despite being located in the city that never sleeps, the cobblestone streets and lack of hustle and bustle in soho feels almost surreal to me, as if i've entered a new world. spring street is the perfect peaceful spot to spend a saturday or sunday afternoon. i'll start my day off with brunch at spring street natural, the most delicious organic meal you'll eat (try the challah french toast, i promise it won't dissapoint). and then continue by doing some window shopping. while it's always fun to take a peek at the designer collections, i'll make my way into big drop nyc for some real shopping, then quickly stroll over to olive and bette's for some fun accessories and gift ideas. more walking, more people watching and i will probably stop at the moma design store, to see some amazing designs. after, i'll stop for a mid-afternoon pick me up and grab a latte at ground support cafe, one of "new york's best cups of coffee". then, depending on my mood, i'll head toward the most iconic fashion marketplace out there, opening ceremony before heading home.

there's no place like new york.


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