you can call me queen bee

one of my all-time favorite beauty haunts is the quiet, quaint and ever so charming queen bee salon and spa in brentwood and culver city, ca. with décor giving a brilliant nod to great britain and a staff that makes you feel as though you'd just popped over for a pot of tea, owner jodi shays has cornered the market on luxury "me" time. i'd like to say it's my little secret but i'm afraid that secret's been out for quite some time. longtime favorite of celebrities, posh moms and the yoga crowd, queen bee has earned every press piece, award and accolade. in a lovely turn of events queen bee carries the entire kai range in brentwood as well as their culver city location.

"clients are treated to a luxurious soak, we then apply the kai body polish to feet and lower legs. beacause the body polish contains jojoba oil, we have enough slip to provide a great massage within the scrub phase. after this we do a light spritz with the body glow followed by application of the body lotion. hands are treated the same." -jody shays

the kai mani & pedi is an hour long treatment. $70
             photos courtesy of queen bee salon and spa


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