meanwhile, back at the ranch...

one of our beloved new york retailers, OTTE, founded by retail pioneer kay lee headed west and landed right in our backyard for its new location at calamigos ranch (which just so happens to be one of our go-to spots for sunday brunch!).

split into three different levels ranging from breezy to dressy, the california-casual concept store is in a rustic style house setting with french doors and windows. on the first floor opening out to the ranch, you'll find kai amongst a vintage vespa and surfboards, and other lifestyle accessories.
OTTE vice president and chief operating officer, nancy zhang, tells us "kai is doing super well on the ranch, and it has been a main fragrance staple in our ny boutiques for years and years. it's very fragrant and we just can't get enough."
stay tuned for a second malibu location to open on pch: OTTE x calamigos. side note: you'll just happen to find it at the bottom of our favorite solstice canyon hike.


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