what i know for sure

i recently bought oprah winfrey's book "what i know for sure." the title caught my eye because as i read those words i realized i wasn't quite sure what i knew for sure! it seemed the logical thing to do was to suss out exactly what those words mean to me. turns out, i did need some guidance to put my finger on what my "for sures" were...
what i found out about myself is that it's the simple things that i know for sure: that there may be nothing better than a great meal shared with loved ones, a dip into the cold ocean on a hot day, and being told i'm loved and being able to love back completely. i know for sure that everything turns out just the way it's supposed to, no matter how hard it is to accept at that moment. i know for sure that regret, jealousy, and greed are wasted emotions. i know for sure that practicing the simple act of living in the moment is the greatest gift in the world. and i know for sure that i have been blessed with an amazing family, and that counts for sure. 


p.s. in the opening pages, oprah quotes a line from a lee ann womack song, "when you get the chance to sit it out or dance, i hope you dance." that sums it up perfectly for me!


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