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fairfax finds

every sunday hundreds of angelinos head to the melrose trading post at fairfax high school. people watching and treasure hunting - from furniture to vinyls and one-of-a kind jean shorts, what could be better? i had to give it a shot.. this past weekend i ventured and came home with some vintage treasures. if you've never been, i recommend you go at least once, there's so much to look at!
here's some tips from my trip:
- go early in the day, the good stuff goes quickly!
- bring cash! (it's $3 for entry and most vendors don't accept credit cards)
- be ready to bargain, most vendors will
- parking is difficult (no surprise here, it is la after all).. finding a spot on one of the side streets and walking a bit is probably your best bet
- there's a ton of food trucks, come hungry!

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