i've not made it to coachella, but from what i've heard, the fashion is as important as the line up. our resident hipster lauren's picks are, as always, spot on!


p.s. the necklace is lauren's own design!

packing to leave for my (soon-to-become annual) pilgrimage to the desert is always stressful - what to wear!? what to bring!? i thought i'd share some of my necessities...

kai travel set for campground shower luxury.
kai body glow for shimmering skin.
kai deodorant to keep you feeling and smelling fresh all weekend long.
swell bottle for staying hydrated in the desert heat.
a chic backpack to hold your essentials, like hair ties and a wireless charger.
sneakers to keep your pedicure fresh.
towel for staking out your spot on the lawn.
sunglasses, obviously.
go pro to capture your priceless memories (no selfie sticks though!)
bracelet & jewelry to complete your coachella look.

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