mama mia

to all moms, grandmas, stepmoms, aunties, and those who act in the role of a mother,

happy mother's day! it's your day to take as you please. it's your day!!! this sometimes means cleaning up after the little ones have decided to make you breakfast in bed while leaving the kitchen looking like the apocalypse just happened. or watching yet another "play" or "magic show" put on for your benefit when all you can dream of for "me time" is a nappy or a bath. a what??? you are a true sport because you are a mom! and you enjoy every single second of it!!!

but to all of you celebrating that mom? here's an idea: even though she adores those little rascals and can't imagine being able to breathe without them, how about drawing a bath for her? taking the kids and the dogs to the park for a couple of hours so she a magazine? take a nap? and then take her out to dinner so her "mom" guilt doesn't force her into kitchen clean up. call me crazy, but i can almost guarantee she will be a brand new "mom" at mother's day end!


here are some guaranteed home run gifts for the kai-loving "moms" in your life.

image via @highcampgardenias


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