our baby's all grown up!

our intern of one and a half years, lauren, just graduated from pepperdine university! talk about an accomplishment. not an easy place to get in or stay in. with school behind her and a big life ahead...now what???

it's my honor to introduce you to our newest team member, lauren mock. she's smart, funny and really quick. most of all, she gets me, like scary gets me, and god only knows i'm not the easiest person to follow. i walk too fast, talk too fast and rarely am able to stay on point or finish a sentence without starting a new one. at any rate, we are so very lucky to have her. she reminds me of myself so much at times it's nuts, except she's much smarter and more organized, and she makes my life easier!!! i look at this time in her life and just think wow! just, wow! to be that age again and just starting out? so much promise, hope and opportunity. i love that and i really love that she's chosed to stay on at kai because i feel like she has something really big to bring to this party. i know it so much that we created a job just for her. title is in the works because i have her wear so very many hats but i can't imagine anyone else filling those shoes or wearing those hats.

congratulations and welcome lauren!!! enjoy your weekend, we have a lot of work to do!!!


p.s. i have to say i have the best team in the world, i absolutely adore everyone i work with and having lauren is just more icing on the cake!


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