kai's guy

seeing that father's day is right around the corner i thought it might be fun to do a piece on my husband, and resident "kai guy", peter. maybe an interview? the answer was a prompt and resounding "no" when i asked him. then my team came up with the idea to continue my game of "25 things you don't know about me" to "25 things you don't know about my husband".

happy father's day!


  1. my husband peter is one of the few really good guys. this is the highest compliment i could give a man.
  2. he is italian.
  3. peter grew up in the dolomites. one of the prettiest places in the world.
  4. this made him an expert skier and avid hiker.
  5. peter is extremely athletic.
  6. taking up cross fit a year ago, he won his first cross fit competition.
  7. after hearing me brag about how much fun and how hard my training is, peter took up boxing. he loves it!!
  8. his average bike ride is around 40 miles.
  9. peter speaks english, italian, and german fluently and is more than able to get by in spanish.
  10. peter is an excellent father.
  11. stuck in the middle. peter is one of five kids.
  12. at the age of 21, peter left on vacation to the u.s., never to return home. he came over with nothing and was the only one in his family to make the move to the states.
  13. one of peter's first jobs was as a nude model for an art class. i over heard him tell my mom during dinner one night. this was after a year of being married and i had no idea. i laughed so hard i literally fell out of my chair.
  14. peter considers U2 the best concert he's ever been to.
  15. knitting and sewing has always been a passion of peter's. still waiting for my sweater...
  16. when i get in the car with peter i feel like i need to strap on a full-body restraint like they do in race cars. i get thrown all around that car. this guy is really italian.
  17. he makes a mean pasta.
  18. babies love peter and peter loves babies.
  19. peter hates to be tickled.
  20. no one works harder than peter. no one.
  21. peter loves me so much and i consider myself to be extremely lucky for it.
  22. i call peter "pappi".
  23. as a child, "pomodoro pelati" was peter's nickname. he was always in the sun and it means peeled tomato. makes sense?
  24. peter's first love was at the age of 4.
  25. there's nothing better than the big crinkles my husband gets around his eyes when he laughs really hard!


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