summer lovin'

with summer upon us and myself being a "beach bum," my hair will once again be put to the test. though the combination of sea salt and sunshine makes my heart skip a beat, it makes my hair cringe. like literally.  i've never had that great beach hair. you know exactly what i'm talking about here. quite the opposite sadly, my hair just seems to look really fried the moment i jump in the ocean. really unfortunate seeing there's nowhere else i'd rather be.
that's when i took a cue from a piece written by w magazine's beauty director, jane larkworthy, giving us her unusual tip for using kai conditioner for winter hair. i've tried it jane's way but especially with it being warm out and the sun coming on strong i've started leaving a tiny bit of kai conditioner on my damp hair when i get out of the shower. it's a must for every beach babe's bag! instead of having to dry my summer hair (that i know at any moment is getting wet anyway) i'm able to cut my "getting ready" time to nothing flat. (95% of vacation time i refuse to wear makeup as well). after i've finished playing in the water, i'll shower/towel off and comb through a bit more kai conditioner. voila! happy, hydrated and perfectly beachy hair.

enjoy your summer!

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