some like it hot

our seasoned coachella fashionista and hipster, lauren, is taking her yearly trek to the festival to end all festivals. ahh! the sun, the music, the desert vibe... heaven! packing on the other hand can always be a bit of a dilemma. leave it to lauren and follow her lead, i can promise you she won't let you down! my wish for you is no wind, not too hot days and not too cold nights. you can never tell in the desert, kinda feast or famine. either way, enjoy!


while i still have a few more days to solidify my outfits - i'm definitely leaning toward comfort this year (read sneakers + overalls with fun hats, jewelry, and bandanas to accessorize). here's everything i can't leave the house without:

to look good, feel good and smell good - kai body glow, deodorant, travel set and perfume oil.

for drought-friendly locks (no water? no problem!) - ouai dry shampoo

to sparkle in the desert sun - rms living luminizer

to quench your thirst while dancing in the middle of the sahara tent - s'well bottle

to capture the moment - camera

for fun in the sun before heading to the festival - hat + bikini + towel

to protect yourself from the desert heat - supergoop

to avoid suffering from nomophibia - the fear of your phone dying & to keep it all together (hands free) i always opt for a cross body bag or backpack.

see you in the crowds!



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