here comes the sun

tyler recently snuck off for some well-deserved time off. let's say she knows how to do it right... cruising the caribbean sea on an enormous private yacht with her beau by her side? this trip sounds like a dream come true.

tyler's magical mystery tour begins here. please enjoy our kick off to summer vacation!

summer came early this year as i had the once-in-a-lifetime chance to set sail on the caribbean sea and party like a rox star - literally.

imagine exploring st. martin, anguilla, and st. barths under the sun by day and lounging on a sun-warmed deck under the stars by night on a sailing yacht cool enough to be named "Rox Star". i gratefully soaked in every minute as i lived this dream with 10 beloveds (including my own) and am still pinching myself. pack a few bikinis, your sunscreen and a caftan and come aboard with me while we travel along via my photo journal...



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