rollin' with the homies

it's a three day weekend and we're celebrating!! we work hard. we deserve it, time to play! and by that i mean eat!!!

what screams fourth of july more than an alfresco meal with family and friends? toss some turkish towels on the lawn, light some tea lights... you know the drill. this ultra-easy, finger friendly recipe makes it simple so you can relax with your guests instead of slaving in your hot kitchen.
while discussing this blog the oft-discussed lobster roll debate ensued. butter vs. mayo. hot or cold? maine v connecticut??? to be honest, i've never met a lobster roll i didn't like. but there are a lot of purists that exist out there in regards to the almighty lobster roll. cold with a bit of mayo. period. and they taste great but after much experimentation i've decided i like a little somethin' somethin' in my roll. a mix of both seaside states' offerings, along with my own musings, that combined make for the ultimate lobster roll. one thing is certain, the lobster must be fresh! really. really. fresh!!! my dad was adamant about going to the fishmonger that got their lobster fresh off the docks in san diego. i wish i had that option here in the 'bu but i do the next best thing and go to malibu seafood for the freshest, sweetest around here. round out your "silver less" plate with an ear of barbequed corn. a yummy salad of romaine leaves with dressing for dipping and homemade rice crispy treats? i'm sorry but it truly doesn't get any more american than that.
this is how i roll ~
let's talk buns. i like the sweetness of kings hawaiian rolls and i use the hot dog style just because they look more the part but the brand carries all shapes and sizes. buttered and grilled. i'm getting ahead of myself, grill right before filling/serving. start with the freshest, there's no grey area here...the meat needs to be cold, lobster meat you can find! again, i can't stress this bit enough. if you can't get your hands on fresh lobster, fresh frozen works as well, skip it. wait to make these till you can get your hands on the good stuff. this is where i go rogue with my lobster roll so feel free to do the same as i have no measurements for this. i pretty much taste test my way through it. mayonnaise, chopped celery, chopped sweet onion (i like wall walla, maui or vidalia), sea salt and finely, fresh ground pepper to taste. if you're feeling particularly adventurous, and test this on a tiny bit of the lobster mixture before adding to the whole batch and being upset with me later, try adding a tiny bit of marukan seasoned gourmet rice vinegar. a little goes a long way and might not be for everyone's taste but i'm mad for it.

enjoy and happy 4th of july!



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