kai conversations... with elisabeth rohm

i had the great pleasure of having lunch the other day with actress elisabeth rohm. you know the drill, you never know how someone's going to be in person after a brief email introduction. talk about a pleasant surprise! i felt like i'd reunited with a long lost friend. elisabeth is smart, funny and extremely talented. on top of that it's incredible to hear her speak of the bottomless love she has for her daughter. lastly, i'd be amiss if i didn't mention those eyes! completely mesmerizing. from her time at law and order to her most recent hits,  joy and american hustle, one thing's for sure... she's a star on the rise.



p.s. head over to elisabeth's facebook page for a chance to win her favorite assortment of kai products... good luck!
how do you embody kai's breath*life*flow lifestyle?
what i love about kai and how i relate is that there is a simplicity and a natural, homegrown feeling. they create amazing products, but still have the global consciousness to leave a small footprint in the world. i share those philosophies with kai. i like to live simply and dream big. i think kai does, too!

what's the best advice you've ever received?
you can always change your mind. my mom taught me that we are never stuck. we can always reinvent and begin again. it applies to every new morning as much as it applies to phases in your life.

what's your beauty secret? or must have beauty product?
water, rest, and one day a week juice cleanse from rejuice.

who is your role model?
my role model changes from time to time, but i'm always very impressed by working moms that manage to get it all done. from taking care of their children to keeping their imagination and creativity alive through their work, working moms always have so much on their plate. i have a lot of respect for the women that make it all happen.

what do you love most about where you live? any secret spots you love to go to?
i've always needed to be near the water. long island, manhattan, to the past 10 years in venice. you'll often find me at venice boardwalk biking or running up to temescal canyon for a hike with my dog, blue. locally, i can't get enough wabi sabi, gjusta, and the juicy leaf.

favorite date spot?
home in my kitchen or shutters for a sunset cocktail to take in the ocean with the best view of the santa monica pier.

ultimate getaway?
i really like to unplug from it all. mountains or the beach as long as it's remote. i have been known to jump in a car and end up in sonoma, santa barbara, big sur, yosemite. sometimes you just have to get away.

favorite food?
i love food too much to reduce it to one favorite, but i've never met a meal that a tomato, lime or avocado didn't belong in.

guilty pleasure?
wine of all flavors and hues.

kai obsession?
kai body butter and body glow.

morning person or night owl?
i used to be a night owl, then i had a daughter.

ideal way to relax/unwind?
getting outside with my daughter and doing something athletic. tennis, hiking or swimming. we always are covering earth, sea, and sky together.



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