the pendulum always swings

this was one of the things my dad always told me when things weren't quite going my way. and i lean on those words heavily in times of need. in other words, things can be great, or not so much, but they can never stay the same because the pendulum always swings. back and forth, good or bad. so hang in there and ride it out. but what about fate and destiny? i struggle with those words mostly because they conjure romance and adventures unknown. but putting my life in the hands of fate is not my forte. i was raised to believe in a power greater than myself and i do, completely. but i also believe in making your own luck and creating your own destiny. and asking for it, even demanding it.

if you've ever read this blog you know i'm a firm believer in positive thinking, getting back what you give and putting your dreams and desires out into the universe. that being said, i shouldn't have surprised myself at a recent dinner party when i saw one of the hosts take her pendulum necklace off and begin the process of asking "it" to give her the answer to something she was uncertain of. but i did by abruptly stopping my conversation with another guest to turn and say "stop" and "don't do that". my friend grabbed the pendulum stopping it dead in its tracks and looked up quite startled asking "why?". i went about explaining my theory to her slight dismay mixed in with a glimmer of wonder. my point is, there are bad breaks, bad luck and even bad timing, is there ever good timing for something bad to happen? it's in our hands what we do with it. at then end of the lively debate that ensued, my friend said she knew the answer but just wanted confirmation from the swinging pendulum. i said..."go with your gut".
"it is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves." ~ william shakespeare

"lose your dreams and you might lose your mind." ~ mick jagger

"when it comes to luck you make your own." ~ bruce springsteen




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