kai conversations... with yvette beebe

not long ago i had the pleasure to meet and work with the incredibly talented makeup artist to the stars, yvette beebe, on a shoot for coastal living. they wanted photographs and once i explained my fear and loathing of having my picture taken, yvette swooped in and actually made it fun. she was able to put me at ease and almost got me to forget there was a photographer there. yvette has worked for the likes of pink, cher, janet jackson and tina turner to name a few. all i could think was "i'm not worthy!"
photo by steven lippman

i'm not good with hair or makeup but the few times i've had it done professionally i ended up terribly disappointed. not this time. putting my faith and trust in yvette's hands made me feel like a princess and that pretty much never happens, being the tomboy i am.

how do you embody kai's breath*life*flow lifestyle?
loving life, i love what i do, i love to travel and i love music. i do a lot of traveling... sometimes the day can be long or with little sleep. i make sure i balance it with eating healthy and exercise. yoga is key. kai's bathing bubbles help!

what's the best advice you've ever received?
happiness is a choice.

do you have a mantra you live by?
there are nothing but solutions!
what's your beauty secret?
smiling! and what my mother taught me... moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! i love kai's body glow!

must have beauty product?
i have a few... i love naked foundation by urban decay. for my body, kai body butter. my skin is on the dry side and the body butter gives me the moisture it needs. my skin smells great and looks healthy and hydrated. love kai's body scrub too! every day in the shower it's a must-have!

go-to lipstick color?
i have three...all nudes...my own called "britney wears", urban decay vice lipstick called "trance", jill's jam lip preserve for when i need extra hydration.

what color nail polish are you wearing right now?
funny bunny by OPI - a glossy sheer white that goes with everything!

who is your role model?
people who know who they are. who do not care what others think...bruce springsteen and P!NK, they say their truth and are authentic to the core...i am the constant student. oh, and successful entrepreneurs. they inspire me.
how would you describe your personal style?
"boho rock", a little bohemian and a lil' rock and roll.

what do you love most about where you live? 
the sun, sea and art... laguna beach is one of the most beautiful places in the world. i first came to laguna beach on a field trip in 8th grade from illinois. my first steps into the sea were here. i fell in love with l.b. right then and there and vowed to live my life here.

any secret spots you love to go to?
victoria beach for the sunsets and letting my dog, mario, run. he loves the beach i think even more than me...
describe your perfect day.
by water, sun is out, with my daughter, swim and a great book, playing cards... bbq with friends with great conversations and music playing on my turntable.

favorite date spot?
my kitchen, surf and sand, or the deck looking at the sea in l.b. or anywhere playing music.

ultimate getaway?
lake tahoe, greece, italy or france! europe, period!

favorite food?
moules and frites!

guilty pleasure?
candy crush and licorice.

kai obsession?
shampoo and conditioner! people want to get closer and know what makes my hair smell so good.
morning person or night owl?
night owl - howling at the moon...

currently craving?
a new adventure... my next dot/chapter...

ideal way to relax/unwind?
deep tissue massage at a spa!

what book are you reading currently?
clean for the third time and we the living for the second time.

what's the most adventurous thing you've done?
become a makeup and hair artist, open up a business and makeup line. have my daughter!

thank you, yvette! xo.


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