bali bliss

summer, my favorite time of year! our lovely katie is kicking off summer vacation with her husband on a jaunt to bali, lucky girl, i'll let her tell you all about a spot i've only dreamed of visiting.

bali has long been on my travel bucket list and after a wonderful week exploring this indonesian island, i can say it is truly worth the effort it takes to get there; the beauty of the coasts and the culture were beyond my expectations and imagination. we spent the first part of the week discovering the striking beaches, basking in the bath-temperature indian ocean, and scoping out (me) and riding (him) the world-class surf before heading to the more urban and jungle-y village of ubud.
if you find yourself on bali, i can't recommend enough to take the 30-minute ferry ride to the nearby island of nusa lembongan to snorkel (or simple stare out at) the stunning turquoise waters.
wherever we went, i was delighted by the delicious, fresh and seasonal food throughout bali - especially the gorgeous smoothie bowls i formed a habit of ordering every morning!
with so much to see and do on bali, one week felt like a tease... but i know we'll be back!



  1. Bali looks fab, and in the refreshing colors of Kai! Thanks for sharing those gorgeous pics. I'll have to put it on my bucket list.

  2. I have a friend in Bali, I don't know how large the area is, but his name is Dave Herdrich & he is really cool. We saw some Grateful Dead shows together & Fleetwood Mac at Redrocks Colorado


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