a rose is a rose unless it's kai*rose

if you've not heard, kai has expanded its range with our long awaited second scent, kai*rose perfume oil! the launch went live may 1st after a month long exclusive at barneys new york. thankfully, our new baby has received rave reviews with allure and elle giving editorial in their may/june issues respectively. people magazine followed closely behind with a beautiful piece in their online edition. so now what? the fun part...adding to the perfume oil we are now launching kai*rose body wash and lotion. with the same great ingredients found in kai, our kai*rose body lotion and wash are meant to be worn together with kai and kai*rose perfume oil, giving you products that complement each other as opposed to competing against the other. on its own or mixed together depending on your mood, layering is key to the entire kai/kai*rose range, which will take you from your morning shower to your evening candlelit bath.
it's been a long journey mostly because i'm a teensy bit of a control freak, but with the patience of my team and my chemist, kai*rose lotion and wash have come to fruition and are hitting stores and our website as well. i'm really proud of these as the scent and feel stays true to its kai roots. taking a bit from its sibling, kai*rose gives a nod to the green crispness of kai by adding rose absolute to get the best of both worlds. using the finest ingredients, kai*rose lotion and wash are infused with vitamins, extracts, and beneficial antioxidants making for a perfect union with the scent.
f.y.i., this is not your grandma's rose. we tipped that squarely on its head by staying away from the "dusty and powdery" rose scents we are all used to and i personally stay away from. kai*rose is a fresh take on rose, youthful while being sophisticated. so if you're looking to switch it up, give it a shot.


look for more to come from our kai*rose line. with our skylight candle, eau de parfum and glow in the works, the expansion continues, so makes sure to look for updates.


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