healing hideaway

recently my husband took me for a weekend to two bunch palms near palm springs, ca. i was thrilled and ready for some serious downtime after many long hours working on our lovely expansion from the kai range, kai*rose. pretty sure he was well aware i needed some down time too.
rejuvenation, relaxation, or just to put some bounce back in your step, two bunch palms is the place to go. sometimes called "magical," this special place is known for the properties of its mineral pools, better known as "the grotto," which flows from deep within the earth and naturally heated by ancient geothermal forces. if you are looking for more, there is massage, yoga, an intuitive, even cooking classes, among other things to do. there is much knowledge to be gained at the resort depending on what your interests are. in other words, you can stay busy learning tai chi or just laze in the grotto by what's known as "taking of the waters" at this world-class wellness resort.
lore has it two bunch was al capone's west coast hide out, complete with a sentry tower for armed bodyguards and underground escape tunnels should things go sideways. capone's alleged bungalow is even said to have bullet holes. myths, rumors, or truths surrounding this enchanting property just add to the seduction that is two bunch palms. whether they are true or not doesn't really matter when you're lying in the warm coma-inducing thermal baths. personally, i think it's more fun to believe the capone bit, but like i said, the experience is the same and it's absolutely wonderful.
peter even gave me a "watsu" in the main pool to round out our fantastic getaway. if you've not tried it and are comfortable in the water, trust your masseuse and content having your mouth and nose this close to the water line, this is for you. the experience of weightlessness, the letting go of control and the feel of the warm water as your masseuse glides you slowly through the pool makes for an intimate and lovely "dance." this is one of my very favorite massages, especially if it's an unexpected treat from my husband.
stealing a line from the two bunch brochure, "soak quietly in our grotto and discover the transformative effect of our healing waters while reflecting on the secret at the heart of two bunch palms: you are ruled by everything until your understand the power of doing nothing."

couldn't have said it better myself!



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