upcycling kai candles

let me preface this with the fact that the entire team here at kai strives to live by reduce, reuse, recycle. and i believe we do pretty well, but i know there's always room to grow.
that being said, here's another way to live by the "3 r's." a couple of weeks ago katie told us she upcycles her kai candles. once the conversation started we came up with all kinds of fun ways to use the empty candle vessels and do good for mama earth at the same time. one thing led to another and here we are with some functional and beautiful ways to reuse your kai candles.
by the way, i'm absolutely in love with this italian glass - it's sturdy while being sharp and stylish. hope you have as much fun with this as we did!

tell us how you live by the "3 r's" in the comments!


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