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holistic living heroines, tara sowlaty and jessie de lowe, are the modern sages behind one of our all-time favorite places on the internet, how you glow. their blog is "a place for all things glow: positive vibrational energy that radiates from the inside out" and we can always count on it for a dose of healthy-living inspiration. we are huge fans of tara + jessie and their amazing work, and we are thrilled to have them as this month's kai conversation... read on for your own share of energetic vibes (and for a very exciting giveaway announcement below!).


how do you embody kai's breath*life*flow lifestyle?
jessie: i am a “go with the flow” type of girl...i let life unfold as it's meant to and try not to get too attached to a fixed outcome. the universe always has better plans for me!
tara: for me it’s all about making everyday an adventure with flow and purpose. every morning i take deep breaths as part of my morning routine, and decide on my intention, and let it flow from there.

what's the best advice you've ever received?
jessie: the best advice i’ve ever received is not to resist change, even when it is uncomfortable. the more you resist, the longer it takes for you to advance to the next level of your life and consciousness. in order to evolve, it is important to be okay with letting go of what doesn’t serve you. rumi says it well: “don’t grieve. anything you lose comes round in another form.”
tara: learn the rules like a pro, and break them like an artist.

do you have a mantra you live by?
jessie: my mantra is, “like attracts like." be the person you want to attract and you end up surrounded by good people.
tara: i am happy. this is one of my favorite mantras to repeat, because for me happiness at the end of the day is what i’m seeking most. when i’m happy, from there the rest will flow naturally.

what's your beauty secret? or must have beauty product?
jessie: my beauty secret is vintner’s daughter face oil. and happiness! a happy person is a beautiful person.
tara: natural all the way, but enhancing with some great products. i love true botanicals for my skincare, as well as various face oils, of which vintner’s daughters is one of my favorites. scent is also a huge part of beauty for me. i’ve been obsessed with kai’s products for years and still am to this day!

go-to lipstick color?
jessie: arabian nights by ilia.
tara: medium red/pink with dark peach tones.

what color nail polish are you wearing right now?
jessie: i’m not wearing any nail polish… i've been au natural since having a baby due to a lack of time. but typically mademoiselle by essie.
tara: none! i’m digging natural nails, it’s so freeing! when i travel i get them done, but in between it’s really nice to give my nails a break.

who is your role model?
jessie: my role model is my mom for her capacity to express her abundant love in so many ways. she makes everyone who knows her feel nurtured, special and well-fed. :)
tara: i don’t really have a specific role model. i’m inspired by various people, objects, and brands who appreciate aesthetics. i’m really big on visual representation, but with heart behind it.

how would you describe your personal style?
jessie: my personal style would best be described as "beachy french girl who forgot to comb her hair."
tara: my personal style is really fashion and comfort-driven, relaxed yet chic vibe, dresses, sneakers, sandals, and hats on repeat.

what do you love most about where you live? any secret spots you love to go to?
jessie: i am obsessed with where i live, a special pocket of santa monica near ocean park and the beach… so much so that I don’t know how we’ll ever move. our street is a little slice of paradise, filled with wonderfully laid back families and an ocean breeze. 
tara: la is truly lala land. born and raised here, i have a deep appreciation for the sun that shines almost everyday. there is an ease to life here that is truly incredible, and while traveling is one of my most favorite things to do, it is always wonderful to come home to la. we have some of the best produce here, with access to the ocean, mountains, and forests all around. some of my favorite secret spots to go to are along the pch for beautiful views of the coastline, assembly coffee for cold brew or matcha with oat milk, tortoise general store for authentic japanese goods, and tomoko spa for a special japanese spa experience.

describe your perfect day.
jessie: my perfect day is every weekend with my husband and baby girl amelie on repeat. my husband makes us coffee, i make a green smoothie bowl, we go for a hike, followed by a dip in the ocean if its hot out. we’ll have a delicious healthy lunch and then a rest hour at home while the baby naps and we cuddle. we’d spend the afternoon sipping a delicious chilled red wine and snacking on a cheese plate with friends and then walk to a romantic dinner out somewhere special.
tara: this is my perfect day in la, which happens a lot of the time :) it starts off with morning snuggles with my man in our cozy bed, as the sunshine seeps into the room. our ritual of walking to our favorite neighborhood low-key coffee spot, assembly. then it’s off to an adventure, either by the beach, checking out new shops, or an exhibit on the east side or downtown, then it’s off to eat at one of my favorite spots like gjusta bakery or sqirl. then it’s off to my parents house in the hills to rest and recharge and to check in with my family and my dogs. their house is tucked away in nature, so it really feels like a reprieve. ending the night with a home-cooked meal with my everyone i love is truly the most perfect.
favorite date spot?
jessie: favorite date spot is barrique in venice.
tara: aoc. it’s around the corner from my house and it is delicious every single time. it’s a wine bar so it’s really perfect and we sit at the bar and show up without reservations.

ultimate getaway?
jessie: big sur or encinitas.
tara: anywhere that i’m with my man.

favorite food?
jessie: baby back ribs, sweet potato fries, mexican food.
tara: i’m obsessed with food, so this is sooo many things... juicy figs, rose-flavored anything, smoothie bowls, everything from erewhon, fried chicken, good quality chocolate, all types of japanese food (sushi, udon, ramen, slow roasted vegetables), toasty granola, coconut cult mango probiotic yogurt, elemental spirulina bars, matcha-everything, and i’m fruit-obsessed.

guilty pleasure?
jessie: mezcal margarita.
tara: all of the above. but not guilty about any of it. :)

kai obsession?
jessie: anything rose!!
tara: i’ve been obsessed with the original kai fragrance for years and always have it in my car!

morning person or night owl?
jessie: morning person for sure, but I do loveeeee sunsets.
tara: honestly both!
currently craving? 
tara: a green smoothie.

ideal way to relax/unwind? 
tara: spa. i’m obsessed with massages, they are like medicine!

what book are you reading currently?
tara: the clasp — by sloan crosely

what’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done? 
tara: living in bali for a month was pretty epic and adventurous for sure.

thank you so much, tara and jessie! xo.

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photos taken by lianna tarantin for sakara life


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