gabba gabba

katie recently had a chance to go to the gabba gallery for an art exhibition called "borderless: latin america" showcasing 6 latin american, 4 colombian, and 1 brazilian street artists showing the distinct style resonating from the streets of latin america. bold colors emanating energy and fearlessness of works including paint, stencil and politically motivated pieces. while in los angeles the artists will be painting murals in the downtown area. according to katie it is fascinating and a must-see for me before it closes may 12.

amy smith "compassionate" mixed media on canvas; essi zimm "we can frolic in the woodlands" mixed media, oil on panel; binho ribeiro "LA" acrylic, aerosol on canvas; djlu "champion" aerosol on sugar sack.
toxicomano callejero "postal" aerosol on box.
toxicomano callejero "art and vandalism" print


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