take time to smell the roses

a few weeks ago kai's director of public relations and marketing, sara, and i went on a press tour in los angeles to introduce kai's newest addition to our kai*rose range: kai*rose deodorant. a bit of the original kai scent blended with rose absolute into our already developed deodorant formulation, just with a different fragrance. it turns out to be the perfect marriage.
with los angeles turning out to be nothing like new york, it seemed like our precious time was spent driving but we managed to meet with so many amazing people from editors to product placement agents to actors, bloggers, and even a sports illustrated model!
i'm happy to say it turned out to be on of our best sellers; we've even gotten an unsolicited instagram from model behati prinsloo, what a wonderful surprise. after sweating it out (no pun intended), launching a second scent terrified me after the success we've had with kai. we launched kai*rose perfume oil just over a year ago and with great pride i can say it's been well received. the perfume oil has been quickly followed by kai*rose body lotion, body wash, eau de parfum, and now kai*rose deodorant. with no aluminum in an all-natural formula, i have high hopes for it and so far, so good. i hope you try it along with the rest of the kai*rose line and love it as much as i do.

we've been blown away by the kai*rose love shared on social media by celebrity devotees 
elisabeth rohm, allison janney, denise richards, catt sadler, and mindy kaling!


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