man's best friend

meet jax. our newest addition to the family!
after losing bella last december i swore to not get another dog for a while. we have luna and our three-legged wonder, blue, and seeing as they always want attention from the same person at the exact same time two hands just aren’t enough. there was always a leg involved for the last of the trio to show up and get in on the loving.

that was until i saw jax, which we shortened from jaxzen from his previous owner, and my resolve quickly dissipated. part bernese mountain dog, a bit more part poodle, i fell head over heels. he joined our tribe a couple months ago and the puppy is now the size of a small horse! should have realized by the way his paw size didn’t really fit the rest of him. think clown shoes. i’m happy to say that after a wee bit of an off start with our eldest, luna, all siblings are getting on well! he’s more than i asked for. sweet, loving and playful while still being a “lap dog” for as long as that’s possible anyway. pretty sure he’s going to be a very big boy.
there’s nothing like a puppy to bring love, laughter and life into the house. he’s learning fast and my husband has been doing a fantastic job in training him. he does his business outside thank you very much, isn’t a chewer, fingers crossed, and can even make it through the doggie door on his own.

so much for sticking to my guns but sometimes love does conquer all.



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