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candles are an intregal part of our collection; and for me, candles are something that i try to burn and enjoy as much as i can. candles care a perfect way to relax, unwind, and set the mood. i am thrilled to share this wonderful post about the "best candle care tips" by the luxury candle expert and one of our beloved friends & brand devotees, naadine koi, of well boxed. naadine is our go-to for all things candles (and beyond)! in naadine's post below, you will learn some easy tips for candle care and maintenance, which we hope will allow your candles to stay fresh and burn as long as possible. hope you enjoy!

xo, gaye

kai is all about finding beauty in the simple things, enjoying the moment, and letting life flow. as a candle specialist and blogger, i have a similar appreciation for natural beauty and fragrance- which is why i'm excited to share some of my candle insights with kai's loyal followers! in case we don't know each other yet, i'm the face behind well boxed, a visual platform that displays my candle collaborations, reviews, and styling.

needless to say, i've been an absolute fan of kai's skylight candle for years- it's a staple in my home. so when the brand spilled the beans to me about the launch of their new kai*rose scent, i could barely contain my excitement!

what better way to celebrate a new candle addition to the kai family than some candle care tips to ensure that your candle burns better and lasts longer?

with a simple candle care practice, your home can be filled with the invigorating fragrance of roses and gardenias year-round. i've created an easy list to help you integrate candle upkeep into your regular routine.

candle burning- the basics

  • trim the wick about 1/4 of an inch to ensure even burning and to prevent your wick from mushrooming.
  • the first time you burn a candle be sure to let the entire surface liquefy to prevent tunneling.
  • don't burn your candle in a windy or breezy space as flames can easily be carried.
  • make sure that candles are at least three inches away from one another to avoid fusion and flaring.
  • before leaving an extinguished candle unattended, make sure that the flame is completely out.
  • keep candles away from anything flammable (such as curtains or plants).
  • many people are told to freeze their candles in order to make them burn for longer. while this technique does cause candles to burn for a few minutes longer, it also makes them far more likely to crack and break due to the heat difference- not worth the extra minutes of burn time, if you ask me. 
  • don't forget to place all candles that will be lit on fireproof surfaces to avoid damaging flammable materials.

your candle toolbox 
yes, there is such a thing. here are 3 candle tools every candle enthusiast should have on hand:

1. wick trimmer- wick trimming is always recommended. this ensures an all-around better burn and eliminates the awkward trimming with regular scissors once the candle nears its end.

2. wick dipper- picture this: your candle has filled your home with a wonderful perfume, only for you to blow it out and replace that fragrance with smoke. what a waste! this brilliant little tool extinguishes your candles cleanly and without the smoke, leaving you to enjoy the lingering aroma of your candle. 

3. candle snuffer- used for centuries, candle snuffers are also used to extinguish candle flames. so what's the difference between this and a wick dipper, you may ask? while wick dippers work great for candles in a vessel, candle snuffers can be used for all types of candles. consider this one the OG of candle tools.

candle storage
candle care is just as important for when your candles are not in use.

  • just like medicine and vitamins, luxury candles should be stored in a cool, dry place to avoid melting (such as your fave chocolate- i know you have one!) and fading. 
  • to maintain the shapes of your traditional candle sticks, store them lying flat.
  • to keep the scent fresh, lidless scented candles can be stored in a variety of ways: 
    • in their original box
    • with silicone stretch lids
    • in a small drawstring bag (bonus points if it's extra cute) 
    • individually wrapped in storage containers- this also helps keep glass vessels from breaking)
  • use microfiber cloths to remove fingerprints and smudges
  • pour hot (not boiling) water over candle holders and dishes to remove unwanted wax
  • if you've been "saving your candle for a special occasion" for longer than expected, easily clean off dust bunnies by using a swifter cloth- also, every day is a special occasion! 
  • candles can fade, so keep yours out of the harsh, bright lights and direct sunlight

candle care tips: make a lasting impression 
next time you add a new candle like kai*rose to your repertoire, remember to check the manufacturer suggestions for product- specific candle safety instructions.

now that you've got candle care 101 under your belt, why not test out these tips with the new kai*rose candle in your home? with the same light, intoxicating gardenia scent now layered with rose absolute, it's one floral bouquet you won't want to miss! 

for more luxury candle insights and tips, follow me on instagram @wellboxed.


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