one love

art has always been an important part of my life and my home. it has to, as they say, speak to me. with everything going on in the world right now, this piece by peter max seems more meaningful than ever. in the past few weeks of this coronavirus pandemic and sheltering at home, each time i glimpse it in my hallway, i am reminded of how love brings people together during trying times. i have seen so many examples of this through family, friends, my kai team and in our community. i have seen it all, and it is powerful! my hope is that it keeps us all going. we will get through this together, one day and one love at a time.

we have received many messages from our beloved retailers about how they are using kai products and samples we are providing to give back in ways ranging from gifts for their loyal customers supporting small businesses, to care packages for those working in hospitals in their communities. here at home in southern california, we were honored to donate kai lotion and body wash for the nurses in the ICU and Covid-19 units at Los Robles Hospital and others on the front lines, organized by our dear friend dr. talia emery of remedy. we will continue to share these acts of inspiring kindness to show our gratitude. i'd love to hear your stories.

sending love.



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