kai secrets - maryralph's 5 ways to use your favorite products

it is no secret i love everything about the beach. i love the peaceful, joyful, laid back feeling it gives me and the way everything is put into perspective when sitting at the ocean's edge. i love how small it makes me feel, and how i am reminded that even the small stuff (like me!) or the pretty shells that are tossed around have significance and purpose! i think about all the things in my life i might consider small or insignificant, that are not at all. 

i love kai because i love to surround myself with beautiful things, no matter how big or small. i think having the best smelling perfume or a luxurious lotion enhances our quality of life. when the small things are so good, they quickly add up to a happy and healthy life! of course, after using kai for years, i have found that these small products have multiple amazing purposes. i would love to share my beach secrets to enhance even the "smallest" parts of your life! 

secret 1 - kai's eau de parfum or perfume oil! 
yes i love it and have one in every purse - duh! the larger bottle is on my bathroom tray because it is the most gorgeous display! but my favorite use is when i am headed to the beach because the scent sticks around after surfing and sneaks through that not-so-exciting sunscreen smell! the secret places i put it are behind each of my ears, down my collar bones (more glow!) and a few circles on my wrists.

secret 2 - kai's body glow! 
yes, it smells amazing, gives a perfect layer of moisture and allows for a tan to sink in a bit deeper. but what i really love about the body glow is how it makes the summer sun reflect perfectly off of my skin. it looks stunning in photos and videos. it's perfect when i'm having a relaxed day to myself, when i want to feel confident in the bikini i'm wearing, or for the days where i am shooting content and want the lighting to hit just right.

secret 3 - kai's room-linen spray! 
yes, i use it all over my house, on my curtains, and decorative pillows. but my favorite trick is rinsing the salt water out of my swimsuit and lightly spraying the room-linen spray on it to leave a perfect beach scent for the next time i wear it. nothing is better. try it!

secret 4 - kai's signature skylight candle! 
yes, i have one on my coffee table and every tray around my home, but my favorite place to light it is on the corner of the bathtub after a long day in the sun. i turn on the hot water, let the bubbles form and *occasionally* pour a glass of white while lighting kai's signature skylight candle. now if that's not a dream to you, i don't know what else is!

secret 5 - kai's body lotion! 
it's as luxurious as it sounds, and i'm constantly layering it on. my secret trick to get the most out of the body lotion is to towel off after a bath, but make sure to leave your skin a bit damp. then when you apply the body lotion your skin will easily absorb the most moisture from the product, leaving you silkier than you ever thought possible, sexy right?!

anyway, the biggest secret is that the small things are really where things get good! i think attention to details, to yourself and to the small things around you will enhance your life! start with those few products and tell me what you think! i bet you will agree with me. 

x maryralph 


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