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we are absolutely thrilled to bring you this week's kai conversation with madi serpico whalen, who is a professional triathlete, as well as a runner, yoga instructor, vegan, model, and wife to former miami dolphin and oakland raider, griff whalen. not to mention, she is also a long-time kai devotee and most exciting of all, she is a brand new mama to beautiful daughter baby isabella whalen who is just over one week old! we first learned about madi a few years ago through her incredibly inspiring, beautiful, and super fun to read instagram feed, @madifastpants. madi captures beautiful scenes from her life, travels, athletic and work experiences, as well as her loving family moments. she is a wonderful photographer and story-teller, and madi wholeheartedly captures the "breath*life*flow" way of life as shown in her instagram posts and in the interview below. we strongly encourage you to check out her feed, and hope you enjoy this interview with madi below! also, please stay tuned for an exciting giveaway collaboration with @madifastpants to be announced soon! 



how are you taking care of yourself and your loved ones during this time? are there certain things that are proving to be sources of motivation/ inspiration? if so, please feel free to share.

this past year has been so challenging for so many. the ground beneath us continues to shift with so many unknowns. through this though i have been able to appreciate all of the precious gifts life has to offer. being pregnant for most of 2020 has been even more of a self discovery journey then normal as i am seeing the changes not only in my body but in my heart and soul as my baby girls grows, thrives and as we get ready for this new precious life, a reminder that self love and self care are first and foremost. being connected to nature, practicing yoga and connecting with family virtually and energetically has been a true gift.

are there certain exercise routines or types of workouts that have been favorites for you during the pandemic? if so, please feel free to share.

having been a professional athlete for over 10 years, i had to do a real shift when i became pregnant as to the level of intensity that i was used to. i was able to shift with covid and lockdown to mostly virtual. i do online virtual bike classes and virtual yoga. a lot of power walking and open water swimming in the summer. i set up a training area in my garage. i was grateful to connect virtually for my training. 

can you also share how kai helps you stay feeling good during your pregnancy and beyond?

i am so fortunate that my pregnancy has been relatively uneventful and smooth. i enjoyed so much of it. i felt very calm and centered throughout. i attribute much of that to what i put into my body as well as what i put on my body. i ate a plant-based diet and i only used lotions and fragrances that were clean like kai. i loved to use it when practicing yoga and breathwork. it heightened all my senses and was very calming.

how do you embody kai's "breath*life*flow*" lifestyle? 

whole body breathing has brought new meaning over the last nine months as i share my breath and energy flow with this new life. i have always been a free spirit and been able to adapt and change in new environments which is the essence i believe of the "kai lifestyle." i love the freshness every time you apply it to your skin as it reminds me of new life, new adventures and open possibilities. 

what's the best advice you've ever received?

you can only be your best version through self love and selfcare. lead by example. be of service. surround yourself with people who inspire you to do better and support your growth.

what color nail polish are you wearing right now? 

clear polish with a hint of sparkles on the tips.

how would you describe your personal style? 

very boho california, hawaiian girl. i've always dressed that way and so will our little girl. 

favorite date spot? 

Cafe Gratitude in LA. that was my husband and i's first date and we fell in love instantly.

favorite food? 

italian pizza - my nona's homemade. 

kai obsession? 

i'm obsessed with the kai body lotion. the smell is amazing. reminds me of being on the beach by the ocean in malibu or hawaii. 

morning person or night owl? 

i'm a morning person for sure. i've been a pro athlete for 10 years and worked out early in the morning pretty much all my life and now about to become a new mom.

currently craving? 

green juice all the time. (kale, lemon, celery, green apple)

what book are you reading currently?

Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp M.D.

thank you... madi! 


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