kai conversations with... sarah goldberger, founder of lord jameson

as we kick off the first full month of spring and gear up for spending more time enjoying the outdoors with family & friends, we think about our furry loved ones as well! this week we are beyond delighted to bring you a very inspirational and fun kai conversation with our very dear friend and long-time kai devotee, sarah goldberger, the owner and founder of lord jameson, which is a dog wellness company that offers 100% organic dog treats made with plant-based proteins and superfoods. sarah founded the lord jameson company in 2016, which is named after her incredibly sweet & amazing cocker spaniel named jameson! lord jameson's offerings are nutritious and loaded with super healthy ingredients such as blueberries, oats, sweet potatoes, carrots, coconut, chamomile and hemp seeds. the vegan and gluten-free treats not only taste delicious (and can be enjoyed by humans too!), but they also help ease mild anxiety in dogs, as well as support better digestion and overall health improvement for dogs. like kai, lord jameson has a strong charitable mission and a portion of proceeds from each sale benefits animal rescue organizations including service and therapy dog groups because as sarah wholeheartedly explains, "no dog should be left without a human to love and feed them." also similar to kai, lord jameson believes that the cleanest, purest, and highest quality ingredients are the only ones that should be included in their offerings. sarah truly embodies the kai "breath*life*flow" way of life as shown in lord jameson's instagram feed and in the interview below. we hope you enjoy the wonderful chat with sarah, and we highly encourage you to check out lord jameson to treat the furry loved ones in your life! 



how are you taking care of yourself and your loved ones during this time? are there certain things that are proving to be sources of motivation/ inspiration? if so, please feel free to share. 

the past 12 months have been a time of immense gratitude. my 5-year-old son and i were both diagnosed with COVID last april. he had a very severe case and had to endure 6-weeks of treatments with inhalers, nebulizers, and steroids. it was harrowing watching him struggle to breath. he is a warrior and pushed through it without a single tear or complaint. he just kept saying, "mommy, i am okay. are you okay?"

our family is forever changed from this experience. nothing in the world will ever matter to me as much as my family's health and wellness. he is the inspiration for everything we do. 

how do you embody kai's "breath*life*flow" lifestyle? 

i embrace the glow of uncertainty. as a twenty-year devoted yogi, i have spiritually learned how to sit with intention and allow the universe to present the best path forward. i firmly believe in the power of positivity and manifesting your own destiny. timing in life, and in business, is everything. working hard to allow the foundation of your dreams to grow is imperative. but trusting the universe to present the right time to grow, or the right time to hold back, is a learned trait that i instill in my personal and professional life. 

what's the best advice you've ever received? 

the  best advice i have ever received is to fail fast and fail hard. people often look at failure as a negative experience. for me, it's positive. it's a time to learn, to innovate, to grow, to change, to become your best, and to disrupt the path everyone else is on. to be different and unique, you must overcome obstacles. it's so important to get back up and keep going. you must not be afraid to fail if you want to fly! 

what's your beauty secret? or must have beauty product? 

my must have beauty products are Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, Malin + Goetz Detox Face Mask, Kai Body Buffer, SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum (it's a must!). 

what color nail polish are you wearing right now? 

i am obsessed with Butter London's Her Majesty's Red. i have been wearing this fabulous nail polish for almost 3 years and never get tired of it! 

how would you describe your personal style? 

very SJP! i love taking feminine pieces and adding an edgy spin to make them more unique. i love dresses and heels and would wear them everyday if i could. i am obsessed with vintage jewelry, handbags and accessories.

what do you love most about where you live now? any secret spots you love to go to? 

since the pandemic began last march, we temporarily left our NYC apartment and moved to our weekend house in Sagaponack, NY. what i treasure most about living outside of the city are the sounds, smells, and sights of nature. the things you just can't get in a concrete jungle! we are surrounded by farms, horse stables, and beautiful gardens. my son is obsessed with finding sea glass so we made a list of top secret beaches to collect sea glass out East!

ultimate getaway? 

anywhere in the South Pacific. my husband and i have traveled to most of the islands in Polynesia and Melanesia and have such a fond place for the people, the land, the cuisine, and the culture. the islands are gorgeous and let you truly escape life. what draws me most is the incredible clear warm water and soft white sand beaches. 

favorite food? 


guilty pleasure? 

Hu Kitchen's dark chocolate covered almonds. i am obsessed! 

kai obsession? 

everything! i have been a kai consumer since the brand was born and treasure every single product the company has made. kai scents are so uplifting and make my day so much better and brighter! 

morning person or night owl? 

i am a morning dove through and through! i wake up at dusk and love sipping my first cup of coffee as the sun rises. i get a morning workout or yoga flow in before my boys (husband, son and beloved dog) wake up. it is my most sacred time of day. 

currently craving? 

sushi from my favorite NYC Izakaya restaurant called Juban. the food is incredible. 

ideal way to relax/ unwind? 

i have an innate love of water. the best way to relax is to submerge my entire body in a pool, hot tub, ocean, lake or even a bubble bath! there is an elemental magic about water that puts me into a complete state of bliss. 

thank you... sarah! 


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