expert hair tips and beauty must-haves with jessica elbaum, celebrity hairstylist

as we kick off the month of august, we are beyond delighted to bring you this week's kai conversation with one of the most highly sought after hollywood celebrity hair stylists, jessica elbaum, who we are so lucky to call one of our dear friends and kai devotees. jess is currently stationed in hawaii, working as their hair department head for magnum p.i., and we've been drooling over her recent photos showing the stunning backdrops of the dreamy hawaiian beaches and gorgeous nature all around. jess was also responsible for styling the gorgeous locks of all the talent on modern family for over 7 years. we're huge admirers and supporters of all her incredible work, and we highly encourage you to check out and follow her amazing instagram feed which shares the behind-the-scenes of her work, hugely helpful hair & makeup tips, as well as her super fun personal adventures. we are so fortunate to have received these expert hair tips and beauty must-haves from jess to share with our community. please enjoy the post below, and stay tuned for a super exciting giveaway collaboration with jess to be announced soon!


which products do you consider your must-haves while you are in hawaii this summer? what products do you swear by? please share any/all essentials that are kai offerings as well as non-kai offerings! 

my must-have products are all about the glow! i love kai *rose body glow. i use that every time i get out of the ocean or the shower. i'm always always using sunscreen. my go-to is one made by Sisley Paris. i'm also using the Sisley Paris Lip Twist in #13. it's a perfect tropical shade for hawaii. i also can't live with out the kai shampoo & conditioner. 

what are you seeing as the most popular hair and makeup trends for this year? 

i'm loving to see people embracing their natural hair textures. using less heat on their hair and to create waves, i sleep in hair oil & two braids. i wake up with perfect beach waves. 

what has been the accomplishment that you are most proud of during your career? 

working on Modern Family will always be something i will look back on and be honored to be a part of. my current show is being the Department Head of Magnum PI. i'm very proud of this job because they moved me to hawaii & it's been a true blessing so far! 

are there any special vitamins you recommend or foods to eat that help keep hair and skin as healthy and glowing as possible? 

i recommend a daily vitamin that includes biotin. eating a lot of fish and veggies really helps my skin to glow. also don't forget to drink a ton of water. 

tell us about DIY hair and/or makeup any suggestions, which you might have currently that are fun and trending. 

getting beach waves with out heat! wither braiding at night, and also the tube sock waves. heatless styling is trending for sure! 

could you please provide us with some tips for keeping hair and makeup looking best during the summer season when people are running around outdoors at the beach & pool, and the weather is warmer? 

for your hair it's all about starting with the right shampoo & conditioner. followed by a leave-in spray & hair oil. that helps with frizz & humidity. for your makeup, i say embrace the summer glow, and to keep it from melting i always use the urban decay setting spray.

do you have any recommendations for keeping hair looking great for zoom/ video calls at home? 

it's all about the right products and spraying each piece of hair with hairspray before using your curling iron. that helps it last. also adding a fun headband or clip will help you stand out in your zoom. i also wear red lipstick too when on zoom calls! 

thank you... jessica! 


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