kai conversations with... celebrity makeup artist, evelyne noraz

as we kick off the month of april, we are overjoyed to bring you this week’s kai conversation with one of the might highly sought after hollywood celebrity makeup artists, evelyne noraz, whose regular clientele includes leading actresses: amy adams, jennifer lawrence, and emily blunt among others. evelyne is the incredible talent who created the unique, gorgeous look for jennifer lawrence’s character in “don’t look up”. she also won a makeup BAFTA (the british equivalent of the oscar), for her work on american hustle and a primetime emmy for her outstanding makeup on boardwalk empire. in this blog post, evelyne shares her must-have beauty products for use on celebrity clients, as well as key tips on spring makeup trends and how to keep your face and skin healthy and glowing!  evelyne has kindly shared all of this while working on a project overseas with amy adams, and we are so grateful. we highly encourage you check out her beautiful, inspirational feed to follow along with some of the impressive, gorgeous looks that evelyne creates. 



which products do you consider your must-haves to use on your celebrity clients? please share any/all essential products that are kai offerings as well as non-kai offerings!  

i always use body moisturizers as well as a great hand cream on them. right now i’m using kai *rose body glow and kai *rose body butter as well as the *rose deodorant and *rose hand cream. my clients love kai and so do i (i’m using the rose line at home too!). 
must have makeup products are: armani or cle de peau foundations, concealers from chanel and charlotte tilbury, fenty beauty cream contour, christian dior and pat mcgrath eye shadows, ilia cream blush, anastasia eye brow products…some of the favorite skincare products are: vintner's daughter serum, la mer and sisley moisturizers, charlotte tilburry magic cream, elta md sunscreen, and skinceuticals serums.

what are you seeing as the most popular makeup trend for spring 2022?  
i’m seeing influences from the very popular hbo show euphoria. from bold or double winged liquid liner to pastel or neon shadows, iridescent shadows, glitter, gems (rhinestones) or tiny pearls around the eyes. anything goes. it’s all about having fun with makeup and expressing individuality. i’m also seeing bright statement blush, glossy lips making a comeback and classic red lips as well. lots to choose from! 

are there any specific vitamins you recommend or foods to eat that help keep your face and overall skin as healthy and glowing as possible?
vitamins c, d and e are good for the skin. you can take supplements or eat a healthy diet of fruits and veggies: citrus foods, plant foods such as strawberries, broccoli and spinach for vitamin c, salmon and tuna are good sources of omegas, daily sun exposure for vitamin d, nuts and seeds for vitamin e…and of course plenty of water.

what has been the accomplishment that you are most proud of during your career?
i won a makeup bafta, which is the british equivalent of the oscar, for my work on american hustle. it was lovely to have my work recognized. but i’m mostly proud of the relationships i have maintained over the years with a few dear clients. the fact that they keep asking me to work with them is a big accomplishment!  

as you’ve done incredible makeup work for your different clients for their appearances in so many amazing productions & public events, is there a specific experience with a client whose look you were most excited and proud of creating, that you could describe to us? we would love to learn about this special moment. :) could you please share the details about this experience (who, what, where, when, how)?

there have been many experiences with different clients that come to mind. hard to pick one. most recently i enjoyed creating the look for jennifer lawrence’s character in don’t look up. after i was told that she would have red hair and saw some wig tests, i quickly decided on thick black liner, face piercings, and more of a rusty orange palette. i sent jennifer pictures of makeup looks i liked and was inspired by and she loved them. the director did too, and turns out the costume designer had similar research pics! so we all agreed on that look and tested it, and it stuck!

thank you, evelyne!


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