mother's day must-haves from callie of the la couple

as we prepare to celebrate and pay tribute to all of the moms and mother figures in our lives this coming weekend, we feel very lucky to be able to bring attention to one of our favorite new mamas, callie from the la couple, who is a truly amazing, inspirational first-time mama; her beautiful son luca is currently 7 months! callie has been a wonderful devotee and supporter of kai for years, and we are so fortunate to call her a friend! she is definitely one of those supermoms who does it all with the biggest smile and most positive “can do” attitude, and we continue to be hugely inspired by reading her story and seeing how she & her husband continue to spread love, positive energy and cheer to their community through the incredibly beautiful experiences & genuine life-touching moments that they share on their Instagram & blog! we encourage you to check out their feed and become inspired with us! 
with callie getting ready to celebrate her first mother’s day, we asked her to share her kai “must-haves” that she’ll be using to relax and enjoy some self-care time this mother’s day and every day. we celebrate you callie, and every mother figure out there. happy mother’s day all!

a mom’s first mother’s day is definitely a momentous occasion! i should know as this one will be mine! i couldn’t be more excited as i sit here nursing my new baby boy writing this. i know people say this often but i never quite understood what love was until he entered this world. it gives me such a wonderful feeling that i will have a part in helping him grow into a man through my teaching and love.

obviously the sweet smell of a new baby must be one of the best smells in the whole world but let’s not forget about how mommy smells. i want to teach him so much and i also want him to remember certain things about me as he grows, like the way my perfume lingers in the room and smells like the sweet air of hawaii. here are 5 of my kai favorites that i will definitely be pampering with in celebration of mother’s day and every day

kai’s eau de parfum or perfume oil - memories triggered by scent have some of the strongest emotional connections and appear more intense than other memory triggers. i want luca to think of me when he walks past a tropical garden or anytime he is in hawaii!  i really love the fact that this smells like a vacation on an island in the summertime. hints of gardenia and plumeria notes fill the room and i’m constantly asked what i’m wearing when i spray this on. — i absolutely adore the rose scent as well! why give a dozen roses when you can smell like a dozen roses 🌹 

kai body glow - this is actually the very first product i  discovered from kai in a spa while staying at a resort in san diego. i immediately became infatuated and needed all their products as soon as possible! i look forward to every shower because of it. it’s best after shower spray i have ever used. the fragrance is simply gorgeous. lush and tropical without being cloying or overbearing. i especially like to wear it at the beach after a day in the sun or when im wearing a dress to give my legs that extra shine and glow. 

kai body lotion - one thing i really try to do is apply lotion to my hands and body often so when i touch luca it’s a super soft touch. i love that the body lotion is so lightweight and i can reapply throughout the day. 

kai body butter - the scent of kai is intoxicating! the smell instantly makes me feel happier and more relaxed. the body butter is very thick and moisturizing so it’s the first thing that goes on after the shower followed by the glow. it feels so great on my skin!!! 

kai skylight candle and linen spray - enjoying the finer things in life doesn’t end at what you put on your body. it also applies to what you surround yourself with. i have one of these candles in every room in the house because without even being lit it fills the room with its rich scent. candles always add a special mood to a situation, and this candle also provides a very light soft tropical fragrance. i love that it can burn for hours and does not smoke. i always give these as gifts, housewarming, birthdays, mother day (hint hint) you can’t go wrong! 

we must teach our children to smell the earth. to taste the rain. to touch the wind. to see things grow, to hear the sun rise and night fall and bottle it up in things they love. 

happy mother’s day mama! 

xx callie 



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