anna camp’s pitch-perfect scent is kai!

we are beyond excited to share this week’s kai conversation with the incredibly talented and remarkable-in-all-ways anna camp who we are honored to call a dear friend and long-time devotee of kai! in this post, anna shares her top 4 kai must-have products as well as some amazing (never-seen-before) quotes about why kai has been her favorite scent for over 15 years!  

anna is one the sweetest, most gracious, and thoughtful individuals that we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. not only is she an oustanding actress who is so brilliant in all of the roles she plays, but she is also such a beautiful human on the inside and out. 

we are awestruck with how genuinely kind and amazing anna camp is in real life. last week she finished starring in the play “2:22 - ghost story” at the ahmanson theater in los angeles, which got super rave reviews, and during her crazy busy schedule with multiple performance bookings per day, anna very graciously took time out of her insanely hectic day to chat with us over the phone and share these quotes (below) about her love for kai! she also offered to meet our company president, tyler harms, for a visit after the show one night; not to mention, she took the time to photograph these gorgeous images showcasing her favorite kai products being used behind-the-scenes at the theater and at home!

anna, we are your biggest fans for life, and we are tremendously grateful to have you as an extraordinary supporter & dear friend to kai! furthermore, we extend a huge thanks to one of our other most favorite actresses on the planet (also a long-time friend and devotee to kai), bridget regan, for introducing us to anna!

in exciting news, anna’s newest performance “5000 blankets” which is an inspiring true story about homelessness and mental health has also just launched in theaters nationwide and looks like the perfect must-watch “feel good” film for the holidays — you can get tickets (at this link) to go see it at a theater near you! we’re booking our tickets now! 

below please enjoy these lovely quotes about anna’s discovery of kai, and her love for the signature fragrance collection!  

happy holidays to all!

gaye and kai team

i have been a huge fan of kai for years and years and years. i love the products so much. it's my favorite scent of all time. when i first tried kai, i was immediately drawn in and completely fell in love with the scent.  kai is a very elevated, fresh, yet sophisticated and elegant scent, but it also feels like something that you can wear every day.

i am obsessed with the body lotion, i am obsessed with the candle, and i am obsessed with the body wash. the perfume oil is a staple product for me. i love that you can put it in your purse and easily have kai with you at all times! 

i am from south carolina, and being from the south, gardenia is something that i was always surrounded by growing up. i was so lucky, there were beautiful gardenia trees around me everywhere. kai makes me nostalgic for my wonderful memories of growing up in the south with the fresh gardenias all around. kai captures this gardenia scent in a way that is so beautiful and not overwhelming at the same time.

every time that i have ever burned a kai candle in my home and i’ve had people visiting, they always ask “what is that?” and it never fails. i constantly receive compliments about the kai scent in my home when using the candles. i’ve gotten other candles from other places and used them while people are visiting and they don’t say a word. but without fail, when i use a kai candle, people immediately ask “what is that gorgeous scent” and i tell them that it's kai! 

for as long as i can remember, i have been a huge fan of the scent of tuberose. when i first smelled kai and tried to put my finger on what flowers were included, i could immediately pick up on the gardenia, but i couldn’t figure out what the other floral notes were that drew me in. when i learned that there was tuberose included in kai’s signature fragrance, i was so excited because tuberose is such an unknown flower scent that i just adore. it made me very happy to know that tuberose was in kai fragrance because it’s an all-time favorite flower scent of mine. knowing this made me realize why i love kai so much.

i am a huge scent person. scents can really affect my mood and how i feel, and especially being an actor, it can put me in a certain headspace. i love that kai has a full product line that can infiltrate into every aspect of my life. i can hop in the shower in the morning and start my day off with the beautiful kai scent by using the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. then i get to pop the perfume oil in my purse and travel with it, and then go to the theater at night and light the candle in my room. i get to have this gorgeous sensory experience throughout my entire day. i’ve always felt like kai gives me this very elevated, fresh, and beautiful way of living life. i am so grateful that kai has a product that i can start off my day with and enjoy throughout the morning, afternoon and evening by layering it into my various activities.

thank you, anna!


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