kai recommended: “sunny thoughts for salty souls” by rebekah steen of @goldfishkiss

as spring nears and we dream of blue skies & sunny beach days ahead — we’re thrilled to bring you this special preview of a newly launching book “sunny thoughts for salty souls” written by our beloved friend and long-time kai devotee, rebekah steen, commonly known as @goldfish_kiss — thanks to the name of her iconic beach lifestyle blog + social platforms, which are sunny and happy online destinations that continuously leave us inspired and thinking warm, tropical thoughts. 


like all of us here at kai, @goldfish_kiss is “always dreaming of hawaii” and her new book is filled with the most delightful, collection of poems, thoughts, illustrations, and imagery that reflect this -- all created by the one-and-only goldfish kiss (who self-published her book, by the way; so impressive)!  to us, this is a must-read for all beach-lovers, filled with sunny, happy, and magical moments captured beautifully. you’ll want to have this book on your bedside or coffee table, or in your beach bag for your next getaway, and it also makes a lovely gift for a friend or loved one.  you can find it for purchase on amazonbarnes & noble, and books a million.


here’s a little fun, background about this amazingly talented author: rebekah is a wife, mom, artist, and writer, photographer, designer, and one of the most creative & artistically talented individuals we have ever encountered! she describes herself as “a salty soul that goes nuts when she can’t get out into nature or take a dip in some water. she also loves massive burritos, breaking a sweat daily, and thinks a sunset surf followed by a cold beer is absolutely sublime.” 


we highly encourage you to follow her @goldfish_kiss, check out her iconic blog, goldfish kiss, and consider purchasing this remarkable new book; her thoughtfully articulated words and art will keep you smiling and daydreaming anytime you could use a little positivity and fun escape!


we hope you enjoy this special “preview” of sunny thoughts for salty souls below!  to us, it is pure magic and happy, sunshine-filled moments that serve as a quick escape or word hug whenever you might need it!  mahalo, rebekah!!!


happy reading, and happy (almost) spring!


a sneak peak at a few pages from "sunny thoughts for salty souls"

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