kai conversations with celebrity facialist and skin expert kát rudu

we are delighted to bring you this week's kai conversation with celebrity facialist and skin expert, kát rudu. renowned for unlocking skin’s hollywood glow, her eponymous skincare line, kát rudu pure biotic skincare, features one-of-a-kind recipes that leave the skin looking juicy, bright and deeply hydrated — and the same goes for her bespoke treatments at her beverly hills skin studio. 

kat is a shining example of the fruits of hard work and passion combined. in the footsteps of her mother, kát became an aesthetician in 2001 to follow her love for skin and beauty. she quickly climbed the ranks and worked under some of los angeles' most respected doctors, offering cutting edge medical grade treatments that made headlines. in 2017, kát took a leap of faith and launched her own skin studio and line of skincare. everything she does is a mirror of her mantra: "your beauty is my life." i hope you enjoy getting a glimpse into kát’s world. 



how did you first discover kai? 

i discovered kai at my old yoga studio in brentwood called maha yoga. it was my addiction for years! every time before class i would apply kai and always enjoyed the beautiful, intoxicating scent.  

how did you start your career? and how did you end up where you are now? 

my mom was a cosmetologist, and my father was a barber. i grew up in a beauty salon watching my mom make homemade potions for the skin. they were so good that she began to sell them to her clients, and it inspired me to always take care of my skin, which grew into a lifelong passion for taking care of other’s skin. 

later in life i got my esthetician license and i was ready to create. my first job as a facialist was at vera’s retreat in the glen back in 2001. thereafter worked under ole henriksen for several years. i then expanded my treatments to be more medical focused, offering treatments with advanced devices including rf machines and lasers. i worked renowned doctors including dr. harold lancer and dr. jason diamond and touched many famous faces. in 2017, i created my own skin studio in venice and launched my pure biotic skincare collection. my products have won awards and today i still love what i do because i get to help people. i feel blessed every day that i get to make my schedule, be my own boss and work with talented people. without my team i’m nothing.

what’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 
the best advice i ever got came from my mom. she said “never look up at people that are successful already, look at the people under you who may need them someday, be kind and respect them, even if they may not be a vip.”

what advice would you give your younger self?
when you see a bad situation, don't stay longer than needed. run!

what are you grateful for today? 
i am grateful for my friends and the people that believed in me through it all. i am especially grateful for my mom who taught me many important life lessons and unlocked my passion. 

what is your beauty routine? 
every day i cleanse with my coco honey papaya enzymes cleanser. three times a week i use a soft facial sponge with cleanser on it and scrub for 5 minutes, then i follow with a brightening, hydrating or exfoliating mask with ingredients like vegan collagen and peptides. i believe in the benefits of layering skin care, so i usually layer either vitamin c, retinoids, or glycolic acid with any of my other pure biotic products. i eat a mostly vegan diet and take supplements including chlorophyl and probiotics. beauty really does start from the inside! 

do you have a mantra you live by? 
keep going never give up. also, your beauty is my life! 

what brings you back to center?
doing pilates or praying – it’s something i’ve started again lately and i feel like it’s working. 

how do you define success? 
to me success is giving yourself permission to feel proud about yourself. 

ideal way to relax/unwind? 
i love watching movies or i paint. by now you can probably tell that i am in love with pilates and being active, so i always make it a point to move my body. 

what do you love most about where you live? any secret spots you love to go to? 
i love living by the beach. there's this place called casablanca mexican food. they make margaritas in front of you and homemade tortillas. it’s the best! 

describe your perfect day. 
my perfect day starts with waking up and feeling strong and healthy, then going to pilates and doing something good for my skin. i’d love to walk with my partner on the beach, have a picnic or play a game of chess. my day would end with a good glass of wine with something pretty on! 

ultimate getaway? 
it’s my dream to go to italy!

kai obsession? 
i love the body glow and the original fragrance. it makes me smell so good all throughout the day. the body butter i swear keeps you hydrated like crazy. it’s so yummy building and layering it all.


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