downtown blossoms.


how things have changed. i've lived on the west side of los angeles, mostly malibu, for over 20 years and i adore every inch of it. when i first moved here, i would never dream of going downtown to make an evening out of it. now, downtown is pretty much on fire. the vibe runs the gamut from hipster cool to iced sophistication. sports, theater, concerts, fine dining and cool bars have replaced what was once a pretty dismal locale. nowadays? downtown is quite simply blossoming!

speaking of which, and i love a good double entendre, one of my favorite "finds" here is the los angeles flower mart early on a saturday morning. i love the duplicity the mart holds. the beauty and serenity of a single bud whilst in the midst of some serious hustle and bustle as florists/wedding planners/and your average joe haggle for the best deal. i love smelling my way through the many vendors freshest of the fresh, so fresh that my morning catch lasts well over a week. i love to do my own arranging and for me that's half the fun anyway. the other half is to just... enjoy.





  1. How beautiful! I have only been there once... You've inspired me -- I know what I'm doing this Saturday!


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