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kai conversations with beauty expert, entrepreneur and author, jenny patinkin

this week's kai conversation features jenny patinkin , a beauty expert, entrepreneur, makeup artist, and author. known for her age-friendly and earth-friendly approach to beauty, jenny's line of eco-luxe beauty tools has earned praise from makeup artists, influencers, and major media outlets. her products are available at numerous luxury beauty retailers. after years as a stay-at-home mom, jenny pursued her passion for beauty, training as a professional makeup artist in chicago and london. she quickly became one of chicago's top makeup artists and instructors, leveraging her product expertise and technical know-how to create her line of luxe tools aimed at enhancing women's beauty routines. jenny discovered kai fragrance at her favorite boutique in montecito, ca and has been a devoted fan ever since, integrating various kai products into her daily self-care routine, including the linen spray, hand cream, skylight candle, and *rose eau de parfum. enjoy this glimpse into

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