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malibu is my paradise and has been my home for the last 26 years. i can’t think of anywhere in the world i’d rather live. that being said it’s not for everyone. remote, quiet and pretty much an early to bed place, if you’ve not visited us you may be surprised. it’s not beverly hills on the beach. it’s mostly no make-up and flip flops half the year, boots the other. that’s if there are any shoes involved whatsoever. it’s surfy and it’s horsey and it’s cool because no one tries to be - because to be honest no one cares. malibu locals are private but friendly and though it’s a very small town i can’t think of one time anyone has gotten in my business. what makes malibu special is that when push comes to shove we are all there for each other. no matter how many zeros someone has behind their name or how few. completely and absolutely, this town comes together. this is my third evacuation. this was the scariest. not only did we have the santa anas once but back to back. our brave first responders couldn’t catch a break. the firemen staying in the same hotel as us were working 24 hour shifts. in the heat, with the heavy gear doing everything and anything in their power to save us. rushing in as we ran out. incredible.  
to think a week ago i was writing a blog for this week giving you my stuffing recipe. blink of an eye.  it’s all changed. blink of an eye. it’s all gone. to say i’m blessed is putting it extremely lightly. i have angels all around me. to our own sweet katie and her husband, taylor, along with dear friends barbara and steven, shen and emma, mike and family and lisa along with everyone who lost everything. we are wrapping you in our love. sending strength, thoughts and prayers. but it’s not enough. we are working with one love malibu to get supplies to those who need it most. tori praver and amber farr started one love malibu 5 days ago to help rebuild this beautiful community. they have already raised $100k and collected donations from local brands and hosted their first pop-up on wednesday, november 14th. all those affected by the fires were able to go and get any items they need. if you can please help those who have lost. nothing is too small or inconsequential. 
like i said we all pull together. getting supplies up the coast via boat. my neighbor dawn making sure our elderly housebound neighbor had meals. bridget and zak and their band of bad asses putting out brush fires at total strangers homes. like I said angels all around us.  
god bless our neighbors in calabasas, westlake, agoura hills, simi valley, thousand oaks, ventura county ...and to all those affected as well as our not so near neighbors in paradise. our hearts break with you.

with love and gratitude to our first responders. we are forever in your debt.

special thanks to LA County Fire Department captains, jeff harms and randy perry, and our dear friend eoc coordinator community impact team malibu/lost hills sheriff station deputy, mark winn, for the support and constant updates and just taking care of us in general!  
as i said, we were the lucky ones but the fire came way too close to our warehouses so instead of shipping holiday orders this week, i found my team re-boxing every single case of every single product we sell to make sure to get rid of any and all smokiness. as usual, it was nose to the grind stone and we are only a couple/few days behind. big hugs for my kai angels, tyler and makela. i have the best team in the world!!!! a very special thank you to you all!!!! 

pappi, i couldn’t breathe without you. we make a great team and i love you more than ever.

lastly to my dogs luna, jax and blue to whom i kept saying “who are you?”  i thought many times over the last five days in hotels that i accidentally took someone else’s dogs. it’s usually pure mayhem when we go for a simple walk. these guys were absolutely perfect!
thanks for indulging me with this very personal text. very grateful and needed to tell my story. that’s actually the most incredible part of this last week. everyones' stories are so different yet so amazing.



our favorite things

it's been 11 years since kai was picked to have not one but two of our products featured on oprah winfrey's "favorite things" show. way back when oprah had a show within her show, where she picked her favorite things and something crazy happened. people waited and watched. and they trusted. they trusted oprah to be their beacon of taste. needless to say, she outdid herself and "oprah's favorite things" turned into a monster of a show. everyone watched the show, everyone talked about the show and as it always aired around the holidays, everyone bought what was on the show. that's one side. then you have the other sides. the side you keep pinching to see if you are truly that lucky and the side oprah winfrey's producers try to tell you about...make that warn you about. it's called the oprah effect and it's the craziest thing i've ever been party to. in a nutshell, "the oprah effect" is doing as much business as is humanly possible in the shortest amount of time that can physically be done. in a nutshell. that being said, it's a game changer for small businesses and i say thank god for oprah pretty much every day. no kidding.
backing up... i had never submitted kai products to the show but i knew oprah was probably familiar with kai as i'd gifted her through a mutual friend. i have to say i don't remember even considering getting kai on what was basically the "mecca" of holiday shopping guides and can pretty much make or break you. i just thought we were still too small potatoes. then i got the call. it was october 6th and harpo studios needed 500 kai body buffers in chicago by november 1st for the guest audience should we make the cut. oh yeah, they only give you 24 hours heads up that your product will be on the show, but it had to be there just in case. okay, i can do that. it would be tough, and i would have to push myself and my people really hard, but it was doable. the second request sent me into what i can only call overdrive. oprah loved the lotion but she wanted it to be thicker. a butter. it needs to feel like a whipped souffle. it has to be fragrant but not too fragrant. and it has to be in a tub so you could really get your whole hand in there. a kai scented body butter that i had no formula for? or packaging? or had ever even given any thought to? and you want this in chicago in less than a month??? you have to understand, not only did we need 500 body buffers and body butters (expensive, but how can you not take this gamble?) we needed "a bunch" to stock our accounts with should this work. sidebar: no one, and i mean no one, knew how much "a bunch" was.
long story, really crazy story, short... the kai body butter has been a cult-favorite product since it's debut and to that end we are thrilled to add the kai*rose body butter to our growing rose collection, just in time for easy holiday shopping. i mean, who are we to argue with oprah?


p.s. stay tuned for updates about the release of the kai*rose body buffer, by signing up for notifications at!


man's best friend

meet jax. our newest addition to the family!
after losing bella last december i swore to not get another dog for a while. we have luna and our three-legged wonder, blue, and seeing as they always want attention from the same person at the exact same time two hands just aren’t enough. there was always a leg involved for the last of the trio to show up and get in on the loving.

that was until i saw jax, which we shortened from jaxzen from his previous owner, and my resolve quickly dissipated. part bernese mountain dog, a bit more part poodle, i fell head over heels. he joined our tribe a couple months ago and the puppy is now the size of a small horse! should have realized by the way his paw size didn’t really fit the rest of him. think clown shoes. i’m happy to say that after a wee bit of an off start with our eldest, luna, all siblings are getting on well! he’s more than i asked for. sweet, loving and playful while still being a “lap dog” for as long as that’s possible anyway. pretty sure he’s going to be a very big boy.
there’s nothing like a puppy to bring love, laughter and life into the house. he’s learning fast and my husband has been doing a fantastic job in training him. he does his business outside thank you very much, isn’t a chewer, fingers crossed, and can even make it through the doggie door on his own.

so much for sticking to my guns but sometimes love does conquer all.