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a multi-layered kai story

it’s been over 20 something years since i decided to turn my little creation into a business. as far as the business end of business goes, i knew basically nothing. what i did know was that i’ve always known what i liked, what i wanted and my “likes and dislikes” are fairly instantaneous. putting it mildly, i’m a very quick shopper. that being said, finding a lotion to use with fragrant deodorant i had at home, or the lingering scent from body wash i just used blending together and causing havoc on my nose? don’t start me on throwing shampoo and conditioner in the mix. shopping for product was torture. and i adore beautiful scents! i just don’t like them constantly bickering for attention and let’s face it, some scents just don’t play well with others.
photo by wellboxed
so my idea was to come out with a full range of body care with a bit of candles and home line based around layering kai throughout different applications. i thought, “the perfume is selling. kai needs a lotion.” little by little, the additions began and long story short, the start of a single-scent line meant to be layered from morning to night was born. one scent. lovely, light, clean and fresh. and that was great for a very long time until i thought i should bring something else to the party.
enter kai*rose. a perfume exclusively produced to layer with another. during a leap of faith our second scent was added to enrich and change your layering experience by combining kai*rose with any product from the kai range. though it was intended to be layered with kai, kai*rose is insanely beautiful on its own. a bit more sophisticated while still being true to its roots. think: a glamorous woman who never needs make up, wears her hair back and makes everything look effortless. that’s how i think of her. and she’s approachable. and affable.
photo by bglowing 
a splash of kai in kai*rose makes this scent vaguely familiar while the rose surprises and turns it in a completely different direction.

we hope you love it and we hope you layer it.


with many kai*rose products to follow, please look for updates!


tokyo a go-go

i have a few friends who are addicted to all things japan. from anime to kid robot and everything in between including the harajuku girls made famous by the song of the same name. japan is definitely on my bucket list. in the meantime i'll live vicariously through marcy. 

i recently took a whirlwind trip to tokyo, japan for a long weekend packed full of sightseeing, food, and shopping. a city with a population of more than thirteen million, tokyo is an unrivaled destination that has managed to keep a charming dose of its rich history blended with impressive urban development. it's a city that truly has something for everyone! here's a look at some of my personal favorites for dining, destinations, and souvenirs. 楽しんで! (enjoy!)
what to eat:
of course you can’t go to japan without having a little sushi! i won’t lie, i indulged more than a couple of times in my favorite food here…but let me tell you, it's well worth traveling half way around the world for! i quickly learned that there’s no such thing as california rolls here – it’s prepared strictly traditional with only the highest quality fish, vegetables, seaweed, and the best sticky rice around.

i also tried a few dishes that are worthy of an honorable mention, but not recommended for the faint of heart. although i wouldn't order a bento box again, it was certainly worth the experience of the guessing game that was my breakfast. on a more mainstream note, for lunch i enjoyed a bowl of handmade udon and prawn tempura. a local favorite that's both affordable and delicious, this combo is a must when dining in japan. 
if you're aching for a bit of glamour in the urban jungle, pay a visit to the dining level in the mitsukoshi department store. i can safely say that i've never seen such a beautiful display of pastries, fruit baskets, and prepared foods all in one place. frequented by tokyo's elite, generous gifters, and tourists alike, this food hall is nothing short of extravagant.
where to visit:
daikanyama: aptly nicknamed “the brooklyn of toyko,” this hipster neighborhood is dense with coffee shops, high-fashion boutiques, unique houseware stores, and trendy cafes. lesser-known among tourists, the daikanyama area is quiet and refined – perfect for unwinding after a busy day of sightseeing. 
kamakura: about an hour outside the heart of tokyo by train, this beach city is famous for its “great buddha” – a bronze statue nestled among lush coastal jungle. towering over forty feet tall, the 121-ton hollow buddha allows for tourists to climb inside and peep out the top for a birds-eye-view of the temple grounds.

another jewel of kamakura is the hokokuji temple. dating back to the twelfth century, the beautifully maintained grounds of this zen temple are unlike anything found back in the city. however, the real attraction here is the bamboo forest. walk along the stone pathway, gaze upwards, and get lost in sky-high bamboo –  you’ll forget you’re just minutes from one of the busiest cities in the world. 
what to bring home:
japan is a major destination for all things beauty – kai included! here you'll find kai products in several locations around the city, so your favorite products will never be out of reach. i brought along some travel size shampoo and conditioner on my travels to keep my hair in check while immersed in the summertime humidity. 

don't forget to pick up some of fun facial sheet masks too. aside from being entertaining (oh the mystery! will you be a dog or a cat?) japan is known for its advanced skincare and potent sheet masks that make for a baby-soft and glowing complexion. slip on a traditional japanese happi coat and you'll be as good as a day spent at the spa. 
happy travels!


summer must-haves

well, we've passed the july 4th holiday and summer is in full swing but that doesn't mean you don't have time to enjoy a few of my new favorite warm weather finds.

my husband recently discovered these outdoor "sofas" from the brilliant design (they wrap into themselves once you've finished your lounge) make for easy transport to use at the beach, park, and just maybe as an extra bed for smaller guests in a pinch. i took mine to the beach for independence day and though i'm sure i got some strange looks (my bright contraption is seriously eye catching) i was seriously comfortable and couldn't have cared less. it took this insomniac/non nap taker 10 minutes tops to be off to dreamland.
getting it filled with air is a bit of a trick till you get the hang of it which entails a bit of thrashing your body about as you trap air inside your portable sofa. it's easy once you've sorted it the first time and well worth the effort!
i found this hat in cambria, ca. on a road trip we took down the coast in early june and i'm completely obsessed! it's got a wide brim all the way round so it meets your dermatologist's sun safe requirements as well as your casual style requirements. made from recycled tarps used on brazilian cargo trucks, the company says these hats have had quite the traveled life as the heart and soul of them, the tarps, most probably made the trip from the amazon to sao paulo and back again many times. the story behind the scenes is fascinating but i think the best part of these hats is that they're indestructible, trust me, i can break just about anything. i love that i can lay down or sit in a high back beach chair without the whole hat going sideways on my little noggin. fold the back down while the rest keeps you sun free, cool and protected. hand crafted by brazilian artisans make real deal hats truly one of a kind.
this one i actually played extensively, more like obsessed over, when visiting my brother and his family a couple of years ago but only recently bought it when i spied it at a malibu toy store. in a world where everyone is on a device instead of engaging in life it's a blast to see both kids and adults playing tiki toss. people stand in line to play this simple game and i've heard rumor of drinking games being made up on the fly, encouraging raucous competition. either which way, family time or party game, tiki toss is a hit with everyone.