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kai conversations... with cindy williams

with the emmy awards show coming to los angeles this weekend, we thought we'd catch up with one of our favorite l.a. ladies, celebrity makeup artist and kai devotee, cindy williams (on her client list: another devotee, mindy kaling!). cindy is beautiful, warm and kind and you'll want to take note of her product recommendations below!


how do you embody kai's breath * life * flow lifestyle?
my husband's client always smelled so good i finally asked her, "what do you wear for perfume?" and she said, "i use kai body lotion!". i ran to larchmont beauty and bought it!

what's the best advice you've ever received?
when i was 18 trying to decide what to do for a career my oldest brother asked me, "what would you do for the rest of your life for free?", i said, "i'd do make up" then he said, "GO DO IT!!"

what's your beauty secret?
sunscreen and mascara!

go-to lipstick color?
nude noir by julie hewitt.

what color nail polish are you wearing right now?
ballet slipper.

who is your role model?
my mom.

how would you describe your personal style?
casual - i love my jeans!

what do you love most about where you live? any secret spots you love to go to?
LA weather, griffith observatory.

describe your perfect day.
when your kids tell you they love you.

favorite date spot?
dodger stadium.

ultimate getaway?
san ysidro ranch.

favorite food?
almond croissant.

guilty pleasure?
wine and cheese.

kai obsession?
reed diffuser in the entrance of my home!! rose body wash, rose body glow, body butter i use every day!!!

morning person or night owl?
love my mornings.

currently craving?

ideal way to relax/unwind?
a walk with my white lab, dakota.

what book are you currently reading?
"the boys in the boat" by daniel james brown.

what's the most adventurous thing you've done?
took my first make up department head job in india!

thank you, cindy! xo.


once in a lifetime

have you ever had someone come into your life and never expecting it thought, "how did i ever live without them?" that's my katie and that's exactly how i felt upon meeting her. i still do. katie joined the kai team 5 years ago and i have to tell you how our last conversation went down.

katie: do you have time to talk?
me: are you leaving?
katie: how did you know?
me: just from looking at you.

my father taught me everyone is replaceable and it's true; but katie? i'm not so sure and i'm having a really hard time with it. after she told me and after i cried (yes, i cried while she hugged me and told me it's going to be fine) i gained my composure and sometime later started digesting it and figuring out how to replace my figurative right arm. i emailed her a few q's. she answered and my immediate response was, "see? you calmed me down already." and then i typed, "now who's going to do that?" but i erased it because 1) i was being a real debbie downer, 2) we were all so happy that's she's moving on up and getting ready to conquer the world. she will, trust me. and, 3) that was my being selfish but honest to god all i want for my team is happiness and if that means moving on, so be it. i want what's best for them. after all, we are a tiny little family and those baby birds have to fly.

the day katie came in to interview the first thing i noticed was her beautiful, brilliant smile and gorgeous long blonde hair. she's quite stunning and i always thought she looked a lot like carolyn bessette kennedy. she is soft spoken and sweet as sugar. but don't let her beauty and subtly fool you as a bit under the radar you'll find there's a dynamo hidden within. katie is so fast while being so efficient, i'm not quite sure i've ever seen anything like it. that's a pretty amazing combo. most people can do one or the other really well but put together, garbage in, garbage out. not katie. she not only keeps her schedule but mine as well and i'm tough to keep up with. we were once on a call to australia and they wanted to go around the conference call to introduce themselves and what they do. there were maybe ten people to our two. then it was our turn. i did my quick little dance and then katie did hers but in listing her duties she kinda put the other team in shock. i took over and just said, "she wears every possible hat here".

to say we will miss you, katie, would be the understatement of the year! but i had the pleasure of knowing you for 5 years and the absolute joy of watching you grown from graduation to now. wow! wherever you end up at any time in your life, they are lucky to have you because you are "once in a lifetime"!

the world is waiting for you, katie. don't stop to question it. just go get it!

all our love and best wishes for an exciting future.



home sweet home

i'm not sure about the rest of you, but i learned long ago the best thing i can do when i travel is to go about my hotel room as soon as i check in and put anything hotel-ish in the top drawer (promise i replace upon checkout). vacations are the best but when it's business and you're tired and on deadline do you really want to be reminded that you're in someone else's house? depending on where i am i may be pretending i'm in my hamptons home or my cottage in bermuda--a girl can dream. it takes a matter of minutes to make the room feel like home, sweet home except you don't have to clean, cook or run errands. heaven! think of the small, simple things that bring you happiness at home. mine's what i call my baby pillow and heaven help us should i forget it while travelling. if we go skiing, it's a small humidifier. and, again, if any of you are like me, you bring your own toiletries because let's face it, hotel amenities can be a hit or a miss. i like familiarity, consistency and things that bring me comfort. the more of that i can bring on the road with me the better and those precious little things are my guilty pleasures because they make my life easier. i'd love to not lug anything other than a bathing suit and a book. but wait, i can...

a couple of years ago i was contacted by a hotel amenities company. what feels like a billion art, packaging, color... approvals later, we were recently selected by the iconic laguna beach, california resort, the surf and sand, to be their in-room amenities.

exactly... now when you to the surf and sand you don't have to carry your kai along! a stunningly gorgeous resort in the middle of everything. a little calm in the storm. oddly enough, the surf and sand was my first girlfriend trip; there were six of us at 15-16 years old. all in one room. i won't get started on the amazing memories so let's just say there's a bit of history for me there. as well, tyler had her bachelorette party at the surf and sand. smack dab in the heart of the main drag in laguna, you simply can't go wrong with this resort. galleries, amazing food, the ocean and very cool shopping.

to have the surf and sand resort as our first amenity property is like a dream come true and i can only say we are working hard on bringing kai amenities to the best of the best properties. more to come!