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you can leave your hat on

in case you haven't noticed these past few years, hats have become the accessory to have more than a few of in your bag of tricks! they manage to make us look sharp, smart and stylish all at the same time. take a look at any classic film; hats were usually used to be the hallmark of a person that put effort into looking good from top to toe! then hats slowly seemed to fade from our repertoire. guess what? looks like they are here to stay and for good reason. protection from the we didn't know that. but you have to commit and though i've been pretty good for quite some time to manage a baseball cap at the beach, other than that, i've apparently been amiss. i went for a facial recently before heading to mexico for holiday. i was well prepared for the sunscreen speech but was a bit taken aback when the esthetician told me on top of the sunscreen, "you must wear at hat" and "anytime the sun's out even if it's cloudy" and... "the brim needs to be a minimum of 4 inches." so there! yikes, a bit of a tall order but i'm working on it. other than the obvious "hat head" the cons are few beyond packing and the pros are beautiful, healthy skin!

photo by gather mag

there have been a crop of new bespoke millinery shops open recently in los angeles and they are fantastic! from janessa leone at the fabulous platform in culver city to nick fouquet situated in a cozy bungalow in venice to the fantastic hat shop just off the third street promenade, goorin bros, in santa monica.

i'd be amiss not to mention one of malibu's own, jaime haskell of lovely bird. from intricate beading to playful poms, her designs elevate any outfit, and lucky for you, we love her hats so much we partnered with her for a giveaway! head over to our instagram page to find out how you can win a lovely bird hat + kai shampoo and conditioner.

with the dog days of summer upon us and "sure to be chic" fall around the corner, make a beeline for a fedora, panama or boater. just don't forget, 4-inch brim!



soothing summer skin

quick question, is there anything better than a shower or bath after a long day in the hot sun? my answer is no unless a jacuzzi comes first. but what are you doing to salvage your skin from the love/hate relationship we have with the sun other than our spf laden lotions? my go to is exfoliation. if you know anything about me you know i'm not big on pushing product but since i've started exfoliating, my skin is softer, more hydrated and just looks better in general. i like showers in the morning and save my bath for evening if i can fit one in. so, give this a shot. fill your bath with epsom salt for fatigued paddling muscles or a few drops of lavender for the calm it offers then give yourself an all-over scrub. obviously, i like kai body polish because of the gentleness that comes from the salt/sugar combination. followed with a super nourishing lotion or butter is a must and putting it on skin while still slightly damp is even better. summer is winding down, there's no reason your skin should look like it's been scorched by it.



be still my beating heart

an easy 45-minute drive from puerto vallarta airport, which is only a 2.5-hour flight from LA, lays one of the most amazing places i've ever had the opportunity to visit. punta mita.
to say the sunsets are the most intense, surreal experience i've witnessed is probably the understatement of all time. it literally took my breath away the first time i saw it and only seemed to get better with the passing of each day. as i stood in awe snapping pictures of what looked like a painting i heard a voice from behind me say, "it's magical isn't it?" i turned to see the concierge taking pictures as well. he told me he has thousands, "it's something i'll never tire of". and for me? i just want to move there! but i've always had an affinity for mexico. i'm mad for the laid back vibe and really loved the fact that you have to get through some serious security to get behind the gates that offer passage to the punta mita area.
it was honestly one of the best vacations of my life. surfing, zip lining, scuba diving... we did it all and when we weren't we were floating around in the "lazy" river. we did quite a bit of exploring and even watched the night of the iguana, which was john huston's homage to his beloved puerto vallarta and the film that basically put that part of mexico on the map. it was fun tooling around in our rental but on each outing's return to the hotel i thought "that was great but i'm so glad we're back". the water is shockingly clear and warm. the sand is white and clean and the weather though a bit warm was not uncomfortable. the only words to convey the service would be "bend over backwards". and the food! can't forget the food! we found a couple of places outside the gates in punta de mita that i've been craving since we left. tacos y papas for the real deal and rosa restaurante mexicano for a toes in the sand, best lobster ever experience. i've said it before and i'll say it again, mexico is not for everyone, i just can't imagine why.