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hey jude

buying a present for my husband is a challenge. not like that "he has everything" thing. peter is a man that doesn't need or want for a whole lot. save for tennis shoes. he has a serious tennis shoe fetish. other than that, which he buys for himself, it takes some thought. bringing me to this past valentine's day... i gave him a serving platter to satisfy his newly found love for barbecuing. a serving platter (i'd put a sad face emoji here but i really dislike emojis in general). then i felt really bad. frankly, i would have probably been a bit hurt if he had given me the same.
enter the warburton st. jude rush founded by the ridiculously talented patrick warburton of seinfeld, rules of engagement and the upcoming crowded television series. just the tip of the iceberg for the man known as one of the "busiest voiceover actors in hollywood." but who would have thought this manly man has a serious soft side?! for the past 7 years, he has hosted "the warburton celebrity golf tournament" benefiting st. jude children's research hospital. since 2011, this event has raised over 7 million dollars for the kids of st. jude. clearly a believer in miracles and a sucker for kids, patrick warburton has taken his passion for st. jude's to the next level. the guy walks the walk.
but this year there's a twist and it doesn't involve walking or golfing. "the rush!" hosted at bmw performance center's newly minted race track in thermal, ca., celebrities/participants take to the course to fulfill their "need for speed" dream. though peter loves to golf it's not number one on his list. there's just something about italians and race cars. so the valentine's gift just got a lot better. buying a gift peter has been wanting to do forever while giving to a good cause. no truer words than "it feels better to give than to receive." mr. warburton just made it really fun.
"the mission of st. jude children's research hospital is to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. consistent with the vision of our founder danny thomas, no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family's ability to pay." 



worth a shot

here at kai we love a good health kick, especially with cold and flu season lurking. i'd developed a daily practice of ordering a "wellness shot" with my brazilian bowl to fend off any germs, but, lucky for me and the team, peter created a recipe and has been making them for us at the office. these shots are packed with vitamin c, boost immunity and help the body detox... but beware, they pack a punch!


1 oz. organic lemon juice
1 oz. organic ginger juice
cayenne drops to taste
turmeric drops to taste
oregano oil (see package for recommended dosage).


walking streets - el paseo

referred to as the el paseo shopping district in palm desert, ca., el paseo is more of a walking street than a proper district. make that a strolling, eating, shopping, people watching street. it's real destination shopping. a bit further than palm springs from los angeles, el paseo more than makes up for the extra drive.

so you keep going. and then you see it. a small oasis in the sprawl that is the desert. woah! and where did that come from? for those with deep (make that very deep) pockets, louis vuitton, gucci and burberry, among others, will keep you busy. for those that don't, there are options for sure. my favorite is a small, beautifully edited "something for everyone" shop named blonde. great jeans, fun tanks and tees, luscious cashmere and jewelry along with an amazing assortment of kai makes for a homerun every time. need to buy a gift? easy enough. but you come out with one for them and two for you. blonde is that kind of place replete with an easy going, thoughtful staff lead by the lovely, knowledgeable owner michelle. a family owned boutique, you just might be lucky enough to meet her equally lovely mom, virginia, in the store as well.
go hungry! with a mastro's outpost, a sushi place to die for, and out of this world homemade biscuits and cappuccino at wilma & frieda's, you won't be disappointed.

with seemingly endless music festivals and a world-class tennis tournament, you have more than a couple of reasons to visit the desert and now a reason to visit el paseo.


p.s. there's even an open air shuttle to take you from one stop to the next.