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kai recommended: “sunny thoughts for salty souls” by rebekah steen of @goldfishkiss

as spring nears and we dream of blue skies & sunny beach days ahead — we’re thrilled to bring you this special preview of a newly launching book “ sunny thoughts for salty souls ” written by our beloved friend and long-time kai devotee, rebekah steen, commonly known as @goldfish_kiss — thanks to the name of her iconic beach lifestyle blog + social platforms , which are sunny and happy online destinations that continuously leave us inspired and thinking warm, tropical thoughts.    like all of us here at kai, @goldfish_kiss is “always dreaming of hawaii” and her new book is filled with the most delightful, collection of poems, thoughts, illustrations, and imagery that reflect this -- all created by the one-and-only goldfish kiss (who self-published her book, by the way; so impressive)!  to us, this is a must-read for all beach-lovers, filled with sunny, happy, and magical moments captured beautifully. you’ll want to have this book on your bedside or coffee table, or in your beach

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