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easing into summer

perfect way to ease yourself into summer, as if you needed a nudge.



kai conversations... with amanda kloots

with mother's day right around the corner, we're honored to have a very special mom-to-be as this month's kai conversation: amanda kloots! you might know amanda from her enviable dance moves (she is a former broadway dancer and rockette, afterall) or her heart-pumping workout classes that will somehow leave you drenched in sweat yet smiling, thanks to amanda's infectious positivity. we hope you enjoy reading below about what inspires her most!

how do you embody kai's "breath * life * flow" lifestyle?
the incredible scent of the kai products immediately puts me at ease and in a state that allows my body to calm down.

what's the best advice you've ever received?
i think my parents instilled in me that meaning of love, being kind, working hard and treating others the way you want to be treated.

do you have a mantra you live by?
make yourself as big as you can!

what's your beauty secret?or must have beauty product?
smile! a smile always makes you look more beautiful! must have beauty product is a great moisturizer.

kai obsession?
the rose roll on perfume!

what do you love most about where you live?any secret spots you love to go to?  
i love the energy of nyc. it keeps me motivated and moving. i love the LES, west village, the west side piers along the river and central park.

describe your perfect day.
wake up and have a great cup of coffee while laying in bed with my puppies and husband. teach class and then enjoy a healthy smoothie as i sit in the park in the sunshine. come home, shower, clean up and maybe take a little nap. get my husband and go have a cocktail around 5 and then head to a wonderful dinner somewhere where we sit  outside and people watch. head home and get to bed early, haha! perfect nyc day!

favorite date spot?
 del friscos!

ultimate getaway?
grand cayman.

ideal way to relax and unwind?
a quick nap or 15 minute chair massage!

dream road trip?
drive the california coast from sf to la and make all the fun stops along the way!

what book are you currently reading?
i'm reading a lot of books about childbirth because i’m having a baby june 5th!!

what's the most adventurous thing you've done?
hmmm, i’ve hiked through zion national park which is definitely one of the most beautiful landscapes i’ve ever seen and pretty adventurous. also going on an african safari last summer was pretty adventurous even though we were protected and glamping, haha!

i never get tired of...
my family.

must-have travel item?
my jump rope.
most treasured possession?
my husband… is he a possession??

best gift you've ever given?
hmmmm, i am terrible at giving gifts. i love finding things out of the blue that make me think of that person and randomly giving it to them for no reason.

best gift you’ve ever received?  
my baby that is growing inside of me.

who/what are you listening to right now?
i am loving brandi carlyle these days!

what makes you feel balanced?

favorite workout right now?
mine, haha! i have LOVED teaching my prenatal classes, AK! baby bump. it is beyond empowering to be in a room full of pregnant women!!!

what is your favorite word, and why?  
love, i have it tattooed on me! love is so simple yet makes you feel so good. my name actually means, “to love.”

what makes your heart skip a beat?  
when my clients grow and change, not just their bodies but their mind and spirit.

what do you consider to be your biggest blessing?  
that i am about to have a baby!

what is your “one true thing”?  
knowing myself and being confident in who that is!

what or who is the greatest love of your life?  
my family, my husband.

what’s the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for you?  
when my husband proposed to me. 

morning person or night owl?   
morning person! i love getting to bed early, haha!

favorite food?  
pizza or ice cream.

guilty pleasure?  
going out to dinner and having a great bottle of wine, a really good meal, and then a fantastic dessert!

currently craving?  
scones. i want all the scones.

go-to lipstick color?  
i don’t wear lipstick but i love chapstick.

what color nail polish are you wearing right now?  
a cherry red!

how would you describe your personal style?  
girly and comfortable.

who is your role model?  
my mom. she raised five kids who are all strong individuals and best friends. i hope i can do that!

thank you so much, amanda! xo.


the days of wine and roses

just in time for mother’s day we launched kai’s newest offering, kai*rose body glow yesterday!
sixteen years ago we launched the original kai body glow with our signature scent. to much anticipation and excitement, women, and some men, fell hard. with the addition of kai*rose, requests for a  glow offering have been pouring in. your voices have been heard and glow is on its way!
made with a moisturizing blend of jojoba oil, aloe, chamomile, and cucumber combined with the intoxicating scent of kai's signature blend of a gardenia top note wrapped in white exotics, layered with rose absolute. the rose body glow is a dynamic offering that is both a lustrous dry body oil and a light perfume spray; it provides a nice layer of hydration and leaves a pretty sheen to skin, while keeping you fresh and smelling like newly cut roses throughout the day/night. it is an especially great product for spring & summer, as you can spritz it on bare arms or legs for a healthy, luminous glow.  this product is also wonderful to use to rejuvenate after a long day or before you go out for an evening.
if you are a purist of our signature kai scent, our body glow is a perfect way to dip your toes into kai*rose. part perfume/part moisturizer and definitely not a musty, dusty rose, kai’s take evokes the most innocent of memories. a first bloom, first blush, first kiss, first love.
add a bottle of wine and voila! the days of wine and roses.