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creating your endless summer home

i'm a fiend for interior decorating and for me the devil is in the details. having just moved kai h.q. and home in less than a year, my husband and i have been on a roll. peter in charge of the big picture while i handle art, furniture and all the little goodies that make a house a home or in this case, an office a bit more like that. it takes time, effort and... more time. when i heard kat gaskin of the salty pineapple made a recent move to toronto, all i could think was "i feel your pain". that being said, upon hearing kat has kai strategically strewn about her home office, i was in heaven. i love having a candle burning on my desk, a diffuser next to my couch. i'm definitely a less is more person, but when you spend so much time at work it's nice to have a homey feel to it.

take a look at how kat designed her new digs!

i want to open my front door and immediately escape to paradise. according to google maps, i live 7,387 km from the pacific ocean. but that doesn't mean i can't create my own tropical oasis right here in toronto, canada. home is where the heart is - or rather, where kai is.
having just moved into my new apartment (#saltypineapplehome) less than 2 months ago, i set my intentions on creating a space inspired by sunshine, salt and sand. the beach is where i feel most at home and i'm on a mission to live an endless summer.
as a creative entrepreneur who runs 2 online businesses (the content planner + the salty pineapple shop) my home is both my office and my sanctuary.
the nightlight candle and room-linen spray make great desk additions - they are my favorites for creating tranquility and focus while i work.
their sweet, but subtle, fragrance transports you to a lush island paradise for a fraction of the cost to fly to tahiti.
it's always "handy" to keep kai's hand cream within reach.
whether it's the dead of canadian winter or i'm shooting flat lays for my business, keeping my hands nourished with rich shea butter and refreshing aloe vera is a must.
the skylight candle and reed diffuser breathe life into any large space. they're the perfect duo to create an intoxicating fragrance that instantly welcomes you after a long day.
your space should be a reflection of who you are, what makes you happy and what brings you peace. it's the only place you can completely unwind and be yourself. gather objects that truly have meaning. purge the ones that don't.
ask yourself how you feel when you simply stand in your kitchen, bedroom or office. the answer should be a happy one.
for me, i want to be engulfed in warm breezes, hear the soothing sound of palm fronds blowing in the wind and be greeted by the smell of exotic flowers after a fresh rain. even if i'm nowhere near the ocean. after all, you can take a girl out of the beach, but you can't take the beach out of the girl.
thank you, kat!


kai baby

talk about an endorsement, our esteemed director of public relations and marketing, sara jane sparks, gives us a glowing review with a glimpse into baby bathing time. love these little angels!!!


with kai being my exclusive go-to fragrance all year round for over fifteen years now, there was no question that giving birth to two babies would involve those children to have an immediate tie to this special scent. after all, kai is nearly embedded in my dna at this point. however, as a nervous first-time mom, when my daughter vivianna was born two and a half years ago, i thought a lot about whether it would be okay to use the kai products on her extremely sensitive, soft and supple "baby" skin, since the brand is primarily focused on marketing its line to adults. given that the ingredients used in all kai's products are formulated especially for sensitive skin, made of natural essences, and free of all harsh chemicals that could cause an allergic reaction for an adult or individual at any stage of life - i gave it a shot and was so pleased with the results.
when bathing my first-born daughter viviana in kai during her first few months of life, i noticed how beautifully her ultra-sensitive skin reacted to the kai products. at that point, i had attempted to use a few baby-specific bath/body care products that did not agree with vivianna's skin and caused rash breakouts and allergic reactions. so, this reconfirmed to me how well kai performed on extremely sensitive, delicate skin whether it be a baby's, child's, or adult's. this led to my husband and i calling our bath-time ritual the "kai baby routine" which we perform on both of my daughters, vivi at age two and a half, and violet at age eighteen months, on a daily basis.
here is a quick snapshot of instructions for "kai baby" bath time.

  1. fill the bath with lukewarm water.
  2. optional: if your baby loves bubbles and is able to sit upright in the tub, squeeze 2 to 3 drops of the kai bathing bubbles into the tub right next to where the water is pouring in. also, optional: if your baby is fond of bath toys, i would recommend entertaining them with either legos or bpa-free, phthalate-free plastic bath toys (such as the skip hop brand) that are airtight and do not have holes (which cause potential mold from water entering and getting stuck inside after multiple uses).
  3. when the tub is 2/3 full, begin to use the kai body wash to cleanse your baby's skin. to make sure it creates a full lather, it is recommended to squeeze a penny size amount of the wash into the palm of your hand, dab an equal amount of water and rub your palms together to create a foaming wash. it is also optional to use a gentle terry cloth or baby's wash cloth for application. once you've lathered up the baby's skin with the foaming and cleansing body wash, fill a small cup with 4 ounces of water to rinse the baby's skin. apply the wash to the entire body in the same manner, avoiding the head but specifically the eyes and face.
  4. dab a penny size amount of the kai shampoo into the palm of your hand. apply this directly to the baby's hair, focusing primarily on massaging the middle of the head to work up a good lather and spread this lather throughout the hair, avoiding the forehead and eye area. when ready to rinse, place a small towel over the baby's eye region to avoid water and soap contact with the eye. use the small cup to repeat rinsing a few times to fully wash the product out of the hair. 
  5. dab a penny size amount of kai conditioner into the palm of your hand. repeat the steps above for shampoo use.
  6. rinse baby from head to toe with lukewarm, pure water to make sure all the soap is removed, and their bath time is complete!

though kai gets on well with sara's babies, best to check the list of ingredients and/or with your pediatrician before use to make sure the products are compatible with your little one.


dear old dads

growing up, father’s day was always one of my favorite holidays because my birthday was either on it or one side or the other of it so it was always a joint celebration with my favorite person in the world!

this year i’ve asked my team to share a few things they learned from there dear old dads.


gaye ~
my dad had millions of pearls of wisdom that he loved to share here a few of my favorites.
“one foot in front of the other.”
“always stay positive.”
and lastly but the most important and hardest i’ve found to follow after i lost him is to “never look back”. these are the ones he haunts me with when I need him the most.

tyler ~
"everything always works out."
"love thy neighbor."
"always keep a $20 in your car."

makela ~
"never quit a job without having a new one."
"always be kind and respectful towards others."
"don't ever forget to give your parents a kiss."

sara ~
"life is all about the journey and not about the final destination, so give your best effort each day and savor every moment."
"choose a profession that you love and will always be passionate about; that way, it never feels like work."
"pay it forward, whenever possible."

katie ~
"always carry cash."
"talk less, listen more."
"if you're not early, you're late!"

rachel ~
"the ocean heals all wounds."
"honesty is the best policy."
"leave the world better than you found it."