kai conversations with wellness expert, vanessa fitzgerald

we are delighted to bring you this week's kai conversation with wellness expert, vanessa fitzgerald, the beauty behind veeshoney and co-founder of paya health

after being diagnosed with pcos at age 19, celiac disease at 23, and hashimotos at 25 and addicted to adderall for 13 years, vanessa knew there had to be another way. through her own search for healing, she stumbled across a practitioner in new york who specialized in something called nutrition response testing (nrt). having tried so many healing modalities to no avail, nrt reversed 80% of her symptoms within two weeks. after healing her own mind and body, vanessa became passionate about helping other do the same. today, vanessa has a private nutrition response testing practice in brentwood, ca that is characterized by a focus on the individual. she sees about 55-75 people a week of all different ages, races, and issues. through muscle testing she looks for the underlying causes of symptoms, ultimately using whole food supplements to help the body heal. she also works with each client to create a wellness plan designed to enhance every aspect of life. 

vanessa is a shining example of what it means to follow your truth and live authentically. i hope you enjoy getting a glimpse into her world. 



how did you first discover kai? 

i first discovered kai when i was in highschool. i used some of a friend’s lotion and just loved the scent! it felt very clean and refreshing. it’s one of those lovely fragrances that stay in your memory forever.

how do you embody kai’s “breath*life*flow” lifestyle? 

my entire practice is based on one’s ability to get centered and balance their nervous system. when i think of “breath, life, flow,” i think of inner peace, which is my ultimate goal for each and every one of my clients. as for me? i don’t think that there’s anything more powerful and important than inner peace, so i am constantly doing the inner work alongside all of the staples like exercise, mediation, and nutrition, in order to achieve that peace.

what’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 

the best advice i ever received was to watch my words for my words create my reality. we manifest what we think about and what we say to ourselves. 

what advice would you give your younger self?

i’d tell my younger self not to take life so seriously. to enjoy being young and making “mistakes” because at the end of the day there really is no such thing as a mistake. i’d tell myself that life is a series of choices and lessons and that it’s all happening for me. that i am right where i am supposed to be and to stop worrying about the future. i would tell her that it’s all going to work out. 

who or what inspires you? 

i am inspired by courageous people who overcome obstacles; people who chose not to be the victim and take control of their life making it what they want. 

what’s your philosophy for balancing work and life? 

i think that balance is a buzz word. nothing in life is ever truly balanced. some days and weeks i am more focused on work and will sometimes exhaust myself because there’s more projects and to-do lists. but when i reach this point of exhaustion, i’m very good at stepping away. play is very important to me. i play through travel, through dance, through being silly with my partner. for me, the scale usually tips from one side to the other and i just do my best to practice grace with myself. 

what brings you back to center?

sleep and meditation. sleep is so important and we take it for granted. chronic sleep deprivation will shave off years of your life. my goal is always 8-9 hours of sleep and i don’t always get it. so on the days that i am not able to sleep as much, i make sure to meditate for at least 30 minutes. this gives your body the same sense of deep rest. 

how do you define success? 

i define success as having immense gratitude for my life. it’s a sense of satisfaction that gives me a wave of peace. it’s the moments when i’ve quieted the chatter and released the pressure, truly allowing myself to enjoy the things that i have built and the loved ones in my life.  

what was the last book you read? 

big swiss. if you are into funny, weird, and wild then this book is for you.

ultimate getaway? 

i don’t know if this is my ultimate getaway, but i am very excited for an upcoming hiking adventure that i am planning with my boyfriend. we are planning to backpack through the dolomites staying in various lodges and huts along the way. i love nature and being active, so it’s the perfect mix. the cherry on top will be when we end our trip at a 5 star resort because as much as i love the outdoors, i also enjoy a good pampering. 


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