kai conversations with beauty expert, entrepreneur and author, jenny patinkin

this week's kai conversation features jenny patinkin, a beauty expert, entrepreneur, makeup artist, and author. known for her age-friendly and earth-friendly approach to beauty, jenny's line of eco-luxe beauty tools has earned praise from makeup artists, influencers, and major media outlets. her products are available at numerous luxury beauty retailers.

after years as a stay-at-home mom, jenny pursued her passion for beauty, training as a professional makeup artist in chicago and london. she quickly became one of chicago's top makeup artists and instructors, leveraging her product expertise and technical know-how to create her line of luxe tools aimed at enhancing women's beauty routines.

jenny discovered kai fragrance at her favorite boutique in montecito, ca and has been a devoted fan ever since, integrating various kai products into her daily self-care routine, including the linen spray, hand cream, skylight candle, and *rose eau de parfum.

enjoy this glimpse into jenny's beautiful world.



can you tell us about your background and experience as a makeup artist, how you began your career, and how you started working with celebrity clients?


i was a stay-at-home mom for 10 years when i decided to start a business related to makeup artistry, but not being an artist myself. while i was vetting the concept, i met a makeup artist who recognized that i have a natural understanding of artistry (something i didn’t even recognize in myself) and she suggested that i do some professional training. 3 weeks after i finished my studies, i was signed by an international agency and just jumped in and started working, doing mostly commercial and editorial jobs. i built a reputation, got some nice press and awards, and started getting booked by the hollywood studios to do makeup for their clients when they were in chicago. that led to working on cover shoots, red carpets, etc and it just took off from there.


could you share your experience becoming a female entrepreneur? how did you stumble upon this career path and do you have any advice for women embarking on their professional journeys?


i always tell people that my career unfolded very organically, that i was in the right place at the right time, but when i look back on it now, i can see that i was taking the risks and making the effort needed to create the opportunities i had. my advice would be to just go for it – talk to everyone you can, ask the questions, send the emails, make the blind phone calls – because when you get a “no” in business, it’s not personal, and it’s not necessarily “no” forever. if you can get a door open even just a crack, the opportunity is there.


when i got my book deal, for lazy perfection, the art of looking great without really trying, i had already started getting my lazy girl philosophy out there as an on-camera beauty expert and via pr - and it really resonated. it was a crazy process – i interviewed and chose a literary agent, we made the pitch to some big publishers, it went to auction, there was a bidding war and then 15 months later the book hit the shelves. all of the product development i did before and after that was based on my commitment to lazy perfection and firm belief that more people want to wear less makeup. having the right tools to care for your skin and apply your products makes all the difference in getting a simple, streamlined routine.


how did you first discover kai? 


i first discovered kai in montecito, ca at a boutique called upstairs by pierre lafond. the products are so simple and chic looking, and give a sophisticated vibe, so i was drawn to them right away. i’m scent sensitive, so i particularly love how subtle the fragrances are.


how do you use kai in your own personal self-care routine?  


i’m lazy (as you may have guessed from the name of my book) but kai products are worth the effort. the body buffer and body butter are essential in the cold chicago winter to keep my skin smooth and soft, the atomizer is in my office so i get some aromatherapy to help with stress, and while i’m not a perfume person, the *rose eau de parfum is so light and romantic, i love it for special occasions or a night out.


kai products are very much “lazy perfection approved” because they are so simple and so clean but still have a sophistication to them.

what are your top 3 go-to products from kai to use on your clients in the makeup trailer?


i love to give a spritz of the linen spray to freshen up the room (you wouldn’t believe how not glamorous green rooms and trailers are!). lighting a candle always creates a calm vibe + i offer the hand cream before i start working, just as a little something extra, over and above makeup application.


i was doing a photo shoot for a celebrity book cover and i noticed they had the reed diffuser in their dressing room. i had only just discovered kai so was excited to see it out in the real world – it was a big stamp of approval in my mind.

do you have a mantra you live by? 

when one door closes, another one opens. opportunity is not finite.


what’s your beauty secret? or must have beauty product? 

i swear by good makeup brushes – they really make such a huge difference to how your makeup goes on. i cannot be without my jenny patinkin dual-ended makeup brush set (the one that was one of oprah’s favorite things)


describe your perfect day. 

play time with my new puppy, a hike in a forest with my fabulous husband and 3 daughters, a delicious brunch with an oat milk latte, a little nap and a fun family dinner at home followed by games or a movie. any time i can get with my kids (who are all adults and live away from home) makes it a perfect day.


ultimate getaway? 

safari in africa. there is no way to describe how big the sky is there and how awe inspiring it is to see the wildlife.


guilty pleasure? 

cadbury fruit and nut chocolate bars. ugh. can’t get enough.


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