kai ♥ kevin lynch studios.

being friends with kevin lynch and his beautiful wife hillary has it's perks. beyond fascinating conversation, great taste in restaurants and just being super fun people to hang out with, this uber couple owns and runs one of the most accomplished photography studios in the world! www.kevinlynchstudios.com

as we are in the midst of cleaning up the kai website (launching soon!) we sent our art director, bridget merrick, down to kevin lynch studios armed with tons of product. being a case of "can't be two places at once" i was unable to attend so i'll let bridget give you the skinny on the shoot...



the moment i got to the studio (which is unassuming yet incredibly cool) kevin and his team made me feel right at home. i was immediately impressed with the amazing setup and was excited to get the shoot going. kevin, clearly a perfectionist, led the way, refining every step... the angles, the lighting, etc. until we got the perfect shot. it was such an inspiring experience and i can't wait to share our new photography! stay tuned for a website update soon...



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