gift guide: girlfriends

whoa! i can't believe the holidays are upon us. didn't we just do that maybe 15 minutes ago? at any rate, they are here and there's no getting around holiday shopping. it can be fun, it can be exasperating, either way we are here to help. for those of you who have been asked by a friend what scent you're wearing, and i'm talking kai...
i think our new travel set is a perfect way to introduce the range. it's a nice sampling and perfect for a weekend getaway or easing the madness of packing for holiday travel. 2 oz. bottles of kai shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, and bathing bubbles along with a small "to try" vial of kai perfume oil. another plus... it comes in just under that "$50" price tag.

happy holidays!



  1. Dear Santa,

    Mrs. Claus and I are very close girlfriends and chat all the time! Can you make sure this is under my tree? Thank you!


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